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[MUSIC] We look at you and we think that your life is perfect. That your guys, are without problems. And, that life is, must be very easy for you. It is, it is. We are without problems, and it is perfect. [LAUGH] But, when you found out that Sophie was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, what was that moment like for you? Well, we went from being the hot Hollywood couple, with the, with the perfect to be baby, to completely [COUGH] devastated, shocked, something we, we couldn't possibly have anticipated. So we were helpless, we were lost and It took us, quite a while to, to find our bearings and to get, get use to this new norm that we were facing. And Sophie was actually instrumental in teaching us how to do that. Cuz she, her spirit, her, her attitude was always. She was this little baby that was always smiling. And she was looked at us, like why are you crying? And we figured that okay, this is what it is. This is our norm. She doesn't know any different, and it's up to us to, to prepare her, and to equip her, for this life that's hers, and make sure that she has all options and opportunities that anyone else would have. I think also, you know, Sophie it's so strong but the part of the anxiety was the normal mom worrying about the future. Mm-hm. Okay but what's gonna happen? And, how are we gonna do this? Get to school and we're gonna have to explain to the teachers that we have to show up every three hours to, to interrupt her and get her attention and say let's go to the bathroom. And what about her friends? And what about when she starts dating? And she can't do sleep overs, she still sleeps in, in a diaper. You know. Yeah. And what about all the questions? So it's an answer the question that's asked. Okay. You know? Meaning, don't worry about what's gonna happen when she's 14, 15 years old. Right. If a five-year-old classmate comes up to you and says, Mrs. Kojio, why are, why are you always here? And I say, to help Sophie go to the bathroom. Mm-hm. That's the answer to the question. And you know what happens? They all go, okay. Mm-hm. And I don't have to put any more on it. So that was the beginning of my healing process was each day at a time. Mm-hm, Sophie is an absolute rock star so she has no self esteem issues whatsoever. How, are you able to help her with that? It mean, there's some special things you say or? I, I this is very important for me because-. Yeah. Because I believe when you give your child love and attention and confidence, they're equipped for life. [MUSIC]

Sneak Peek: Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker talk childhood health and wellness.