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[MUSIC] My motto is beauty and the beast. You can be a beast in your sport, and what you do in your everyday life, to be intense. But, I also am really feminine. My femininity is so important to me. I like to stress that, especially in my sport to young athletes letting them know that you can be a beast in your court, in your sport, field, what have you, but you can be a beauty off the court as well. We have so many different styles today, and I was so excited about that. Not just the traditional bathing suit, not just you know a two piece, but having you know, asymmetric dresses and, and different colors and plenty of cuts and styles, ruffles. I say if I had topick one, tough one, the red one, the red one. It was asymmetric and it has all ruffles on it. And it also happened to be one of my favorite, strongest poses of the day. You only get one body, so take care of it, and I think starting at a young age with kids, stressing the importance of eating healthy, not eating so much sugar moderation, fast food, but you also, also have to educate the parents too. People that lead these lifestyles, that's all they know. You know, they grew up eating like this, or you know, these ways and habits that they established that they pass on to their kids. I think being a role model is so important, for many reasons. One, I think it's a part of it. As you're more in the public eye, people start to pay attention to you. Obviously I have a lot of young girls that look up to me. I can tell through just the social media and, I get it all the time. They come up to me and say, you're my favorite player. And I think it's so inspiring. But I love to encourage young girls to work hard. I think discipline, it's so cliché. Work hard. But it does take a lot of discipline. I encourage young girls to educate themselves. So not just young girls, but women, and I think all those things are so important.

Skylar Diggins: The Ballin' Beauty

The fierce WNBA point guard fills us in on her personal motto, her love of style, and what she encourages girls and women to do, while on our swimsuit photo shoot.