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Watch Skye Townsend Shut Down Any Confusion Around Eddie King's Name From 'The Five Heartbeats'

She's only 90% sure.
Growing up or living in a Black household, there’s a couple of movies that are staples and one of them is The Five Heartbeats. In the film, centered on the ups and downs of a Temptations-style group, we meet the quintessential tortured yet talented lead singer, who finds more joy in drugs than the stage. That character’s name is Eddie King. Or is it Eddie Kane?

ESSENCE caught up with Skye Townsend, who happens to be gorgeous daughter of Robert Townsend, the creator and star of The Five Heartbeats, and we just had to get her to set the record straight: King or Kane? It’s only right that we enlisted one of the heirs to the Townsend throne to put an end to this age-old debate. Skye said, “I’m always told the answer and I never remember!” But the more she thought about it, the more sure she was.  Skye said she was about 90% sure, before revealing the truth. Check out the video above to see her full response.