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[NOISE] Two years after making offensive comments on The Talk about natural African American hair and apologizing for it, co-host Sheryl Underwood apologized yet again, this time on the show. The original comment came during a discussion about how Heidi Klum saved her biracial children's hair, to which Sheryl replied, why would you save afro hair? You can't weave in afro hair? Now, Following those comments, Underwood received harsh criticism, including people calling her an Uncle Tom, and a coon, some pretty harsh words. Strong. Very strong. Though Sheryl did apologize for her comments previously in other settings, she stated, I made some statements that were not only wrong, they hurt our community. I want to take the time to apologize, especially in the forum that this discussion occurred. To all of you, I say I'm very sorry for my failed attempts at humor surrounding something that is very sensitive to us Our hair. Is this a slay because the show has taken the time to reflect on the entire experience and her remarks? She re-evaluated herself and felt the incident needed further discussion and even a more thorough apology. Or is this shade? Was this all for ratings? Thinks she already addressed it in the past, but decided to bring it back up again for the premier episode of The Talk. Hm. On the count of three ladies. One, two, three. Slayed or shade? Oh, slayed, slayed, and slayed. All right. Cory, why is this a slay? It was actually something I saw you Tweet about this situation, cuz I love [UNKNOWN] says on Twitter. [LAUGH] But I think she slayed it, because hair, amongst us, is very sensitive, and I think you can always talk about it. And also when, apparently when she was on the talk, she had her hair She had her natural hair. She took off her wig and everything. So I think it was- It kind of had a lean to it. [LAUGH] She took it off. She could have stopped it. Maybe that was for ratings, the lean. [LAUGH] But I think- It's the dumping. It's the dumping. [LAUGH] But I think that it must have been heavy on her heart. And she still hadn't really come to terms with what she said. And I think it was her way of just being really heart felt. Okay, Debbie? Well here's the thing, I think that we are way too harsh with people when it comes to social media. Mm-hm. And when it comes to people saying things You can't retract the statement. You retract something that you've said that you regret, and then you're still lambasted. So you can't win for losing. So I say kudos to Sheryl for actually having the balls and the guts to go on national TV, remove her armor, which is her hair, her wigs, Very Annalise of her. Yes! And just to kind of bare it all and say, I apologize once again, and I don't think it's a play for ratings, because the show does quite well, so there's that. And she doesn't have to do anything else for that, as far as I'm concerned. You address it, full on- That's what I'm talking about. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Melanie You know, I think we have to remember that she's a comedian Mm-hm. And absolutely yeah, her comments definitely were taken and offensive to people and I think slay definitely cause she owned it and she says I apologize, I offended people. That wasn't my intention but I recognize my error And it takes a big person to apologize, especially nationally- [CROSSTALK] Yes. And to the world, so, yeah. And like you said, have that Anna Leese moment, it's not easy to be that vulnerable on that type of platform. [CROSSTALK] Right.

Sheryl Underwood Reveals Natural Hair and Apologizes for Hurtful Comments

During an appearance on 'The Talk' Sheryl Underwood revealed her natural hair and apologized for comments she previously made about kinky hair. Are we throwing shade or giving her a slay? Find out here!