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From Gift Cards To Secret Santa Limits: Are There Rules For Christmas Gift-Giving?


In this ESSENCE Now segment, ESSENCE staffers discuss their favorite rules when it comes to holiday gift giving.

When asked about putting a monetary amount on gifts, Marissa Lewis said “I think if we’re doing Secret Santa specifically…I do think a price range should be discussed because you don’t want to be giving or receiving a $10 dollar gift while giving or receiving a $100 dollar gift.”

When asked about whether gift cards were tacky Whitney Gaspard said “I don’t think gift cards are tacky, I just think it gets expensive. If I give all of y’all a $25 gift card, that’s $75 dollars. I could have went to Macy’s with a coupon and got you a blouse for half the price, so I just think gift cards add up.”

What are your rules for gift giving to others during the holidays?


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