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So who inspired you male or female, emcees or any particular artist whenever you're creating? Who inspires you? You know what, it changes throughout the years. I've always been a fan of people like Jay Z and Lox and TMX and that's the whole era that when I was in In high school when I was watching them do what they do like real lyrics, and people what they own individuals now. If you heard a song you know if it was DMX, you'd know if it was [INAUDIBLE] you know if it was me. Everybody had their own little [INAUDIBLE] and opposed to now everyone sounds the same, but throughout the year i've added people that I like [INAUDIBLE] I love little Wayne, and there's females that I like too, but I just think i'm better than them so I don't really- [INAUDIBLE] So, it's not like I sit at home and be like hm how can I do that but better. All right, cool. But that's a good competitive spirit. Any athlete would do it, and nobody would look at that. Right, but I don't, you know what's so crazy, I really don't Compare my people like, as a female rapper I really don't compare myself just to girls. I look at who's the top at all period and most of the time it's men. Right. And I'm like, yep I'm going after him, yep thank you. Now we have a fan question for you K'la. Who do we have girlfriend? First lots of love from fans. They love your outfit, they love everything you're wearing. Thank you. Nancy Jones wants to know how does it feel returning back to the game with the absence of MCs, and in an industry overly dominated by men. I Would probably say that with so many men that there is there's also there are females, it's just we don't really get that light that we need. So, I feel like And no disrespect at all but when Nikki was doing, it was amazing, but she was doing it so huge that I feel like, my other females feel like they couldn't compete. I used to be sitting there like, so no one's gonna put out any song? No one's gonna try to do anything? And I feel like Where me coming into the game, people feel like they can, like do what I'm doing. I don't know if that make sense, like I don't feel like I'm so farther out, it's like even I look at Nicki Minaj I'm like, hey, she's beautiful, she's like has this gorgeous body and she makes this huge records and even though I make the records and I don't think I'm ugly at all. I just feel like people feel like I'm more of like the girl next door. Like Rem could do it ok then I could do it like especially after coming through so many hurdles, trials, tribulations and diversities and able to Still be successful. And makes people feel like they can do it. So I think that we will be seeing more because now that look and I'm really actually, actively looking to see other females I see more of that are kinda like me, that are coming out. As opposed to people feeling like they have to try to reach this unattainable, you know Level.>> Uh-huh, what level do you see yourself when you think of about where you want your career to go, what does that look like?>> I care about it and I think of something that I enjoyed to do. But I just let whatever happens, happens. My goal is to just mainly make sure that my family is stable and my home life is what I want it and need it to be. That's my main happiness, and that's something that I learned at being away, because before I used to focus so much on I gotta make it to this level, and I gotta make this amount of money. Right. And I wanna buy this and I wanna do this. But when I couldn't do anything, those are not the things that I was worried about, those are not the things that I didn't care about my car, I didn't care about my hair nothing. Like I cared about my son, and my husband and you know, going to the zoo and going to the park and just doing like normal family things so, you know, as far as my career I worked on it and I work hard at it But that's not something that I just put before everything like I used to do. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Remy Ma on the Difference Between She and Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma visits ESSENCE Live to chat about which Hip Hop artists inspire her and what she feels is the biggest difference between she and Nicki Minaj.