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[SOUND] Was there any hesitation about taking on two roles such as Aliyah from American Crime and Erica back to back? Cuz these are two very strong heavy hitting roles back to back. Right. Right. No hesitation whatsoever. I love shows that are dark. That Are provocative and leftovers fell right in that category. Definitely falls right into that. So no, there was not a hesitation at all. Will we see you return to do any more animation? Like, of course, we talked about the Boondocks before. For such as The Boondocks or comedy. Are we going to see you go back to those genres? I'm sure. I mean there has not been the time for that right now but I would love to. Animation is so much fun because you don't don't have to go through hair and makeup. Mm-hm. [LAUGH] You don't have 5 AM calls and you really get a chance to really be someone, Someone else. So yeah. I would love to do it again. Right now we are going to take a quick video call. We have a video question from our Essence family let's take a look. This is Ariel from New York City. I was wondering, being a voice on the Boondocks, did you ever have any reservations about the show's content or using the N word on the show. Oh, that's a very good question. Yeah, I mean, I feel like the conversation of the N-word is one of those that I don't think it's gonna die. Right. Kind of it's leader. It's a way, a generation's expressed themselves. I understand who have really strong reactions to it. I totally get it both ways. Mm-hm. No, I didn't. I think Aaron Magruder is very smart. He uses his voice to tell social commentary in a very clever way. I feel like you can get a message across through comedy Than you can being really heavy handed with the drama. Making people think. Making people take a step back there. Mm-hm. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So no, there was no hesitation because of the subject matter. And you're doing a lot more directing now. Yes. Behind the lens. Would you ever consider creating your own show? Although Shonda Rhimes. Putting together your own franchise, your own series. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean that's, watch out. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. And would it be a comedy? Would it be a drama? Like what would? Might be a little bit of both. A little juz? Hm. Yeah Okay, you heard it hear first, on essence Live, So in honor of it being Thursday, we also have a throwback Thursday question for you. This time from a viewer. Hi caller are you on the line. Yes, Hi, What's your name and where are you from? Hi, my name is Lateasha and I'm from Oklahoma City and I'm really excited to be on the call. Thank you for joining us. Hi Regina. Hi. [LAUGH] What's your question for Regina? So my question is I've been watching you since you were on 227 and I wanted to know if you still keep in touch with the guy who played Calvin your character's crush Where's Calvin? Where's Calvin? [LAUGH] Where is he? You know I don't talk to him regularly. I haven't spoken with him actually in a few years. And he sent me the loveliest message and a bouquet of flowers to Austin after I won the Emmy. And Just really, a wonderful message. How proud he was, you know, telling me I'm a superstar, I'm a queen, and all of those wonderful things that ladies, we love to hear. Of course, of course. He's always, I've pretty much. Have stayed in touch with most of the cast over the years. You know sometimes a few years go by without talking to some people but he just recently reached out. I could imagine after working day in and day out you develop a close family like relationship with your cast. Oh yeah, you have all these little families along the way. [SOUND]

Regina King Talks her Role on 'The Leftovers'

Regina King discusses working on HBO's The Leftovers and our Essence viewers ask her questions live.