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[MUSIC] From the beginning of my life I'd always loved R n B. I listened to Stevie Wonder's when I first fell in love with R n B. Stevie Wonder and Micheal Jackson Al Green, Gladys Knight as well. When I was a little, little kid so I fell in love and then I guess I was growing up still Michael Jackson of course because he was always there and Prince and then also there was always Hip HOp. I'm from New York, this is the birth place of HIp hop. Some may disagree but that's what I believe The album that I love so much was Father MC and it had Jodeci and had Mary. And a lot of people knew it but a lot of people didn't. And I was like telling people, is like this is gonna be the next thing everybody is gonna be in to so you might as well listen to this and see where it's going. When you've worked with so many great talents. And I have, and there's people that I've worked with that nobody will ever be able to work with again because they're not even here anymore. I look at that and say I'm so blessed to be able to have done that. And then I look at like, when people like the brat came out tonight for the essence fest. That was great because we are Truly a, friends and collaborators and Jermaine was there. It's hard to explain but when you really have a good connection with artists, that's the best. Essence is the best. My Essence cover and story are my favorite. I truly feel grateful so it's been nice to be here. Here. Thank you. [MUSIC]

R&B Real Talk with Mariah Carey

In an exclusive interview after making her ESSENCE Festival debut as the Saturday night headliner, Mariah Carey revealed when she fell in love with R&B and why she loves ESSENCE.