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HI everybody I'm Kelly Price, and Essence Festival celebrates R&B, which is what makes it the number 1 festival for R&B. The current state of R&B is evolving. We've been through a bit of a funky period. Not really being able to find a way to marry what old with what is current. But I think that it is starting to come back around. VJ, the Chicago kid, I might be his biggest fan. You hear elements of hip hop, but you hear that old Soul and it's fresh but it's taking you back to a time when Marvin Gaye was giving it to us. So it's one big incredible gumbo of great music making. That's wonderful ear candy for a sister like I'm good. I stay in a good mood all day long. When you talk about gender biases in terms of content, there are some things that are still considered taboo for a women to sing about, but if a man were to sing about it or to rap about it it's not viewed quite Quite as harshly. You know, thumbs up to Grace Jones. And thumbs up to Millie Jackson. And, you know, you have these women. Whether it's Hip Hop or R&B. There was someone who took a stand. And said this is what I'm thinking. And this is what I'm feeling. If my male counterpart can say it. And it can be accepted. And received and awarded, then women have to have the same opportunity. The soundtrack to My First Love [SOUND] good God. So back then you would make these tapes with all your favorite songs. [LAUGH] Telling on myself, okay. Goodbye love piece of my love. Whippa Pills by babyface. The secret garden. Sweet Love by Vespa. That would be pretty much it and I'd have to say it's a little bit too much. So Prince, I love him and I've never met him before. And I heard all kinds of things. You don't approach him, you don't say anything you don't speak unless he speaks to you first. So I'm standing there because I'm up next. And I've got the microphone in my hand, and I'm just trying my best not to turn my head all the way around. But I'm looking out of the corner of my eye. And before I know it, he's right next to me, and he's in my ear. And his voice is like chocolate, baby, it's like my God. It's thunderous, his voice was So deep and sexy, and he's in my ear. And he said to me, I just want you to know that I think you have a beautiful voice and I love you. And I was like, Holy Jesus, am I supposed to sing after that? I had to get my life together. I had to get my Get my life together, 'cause it was time for me to go on stage, the man was in my ear, I could feel his breath on my neck, and then he told me he loved me, and I know he didn't mean it like that but just for that moment I wanted to believed that I was gonna be a prince girl. And I still had to sing, so you know what I'm saying? the show must go on. For sure, I had a little personal summer

R&B Real Talk with Kelly Price

In our "No. 1 Festival for R&B" video series, ESSENCE Festival artist Kelly Price keeps it 100 about the state of R&B.