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I'm sure you all are aware and have seen the viral and very scary video of Officer Ben Fields, violently flipping over a student at her desk and dragging her across the classroom. All in an effort to arrest her after she Allegedly would not get off of her phone. Yes, I said arrest after not getting off of her phone. Officer Fields has since been fired, however, the incident continued to be fodder for media outlets. Most recently The View co-host, our girl Raven Simone, suggested that Officer Fields and the student he slammed were both at fault. Take a look at this clip from after The View via The View's YouTube account. The girl was told multiple times to get off the phone. To get off the phone. There's no right or reason for him to be doing this type of harm->> I mean that's so off. That's ridiculous. But at the same time, you got to follow the rules in school. First of all, why there are cellphones in school? This shouldn't even be a problem to begin with. And he shouldn't have been acting like that on top of it. We all a little speechless. We all like, hold up. All right, so I have to ask, slayed or shade? One, two, three. We have shade, shade, and shade. Miles we'll start with you, why a shade? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with cell phones in school. Like okay everybody has a cell phone these days. The fact that he put his hands on a child and drug her out like that. That's absolutely absurd. He went WWE on her. Yeah, that's absolutely absurd. I don't care what's going on. I don't care if she had a knife in her backpack, she shouldn't have been dragged out like that. That's crazy. I completely agree. Ray? I mean I'm only from one continent Africa. So I might not get her view because she's from several. That was a subliminal. Did y'all catch That was a subliminal. I think the way she thinks might be differently. I think that amount of excessive force is always just. He flips her upside down. And then dragged her. Right. And why are there cell phones in school? The same reason why people are opening up gunfire everywhere. Right. Like your kids have to be prepared. Now I don't, I don't agree that they should be scrolling Instagram during school but there are ways to discipline people without putting their hands on them. Right. And that was the wrong aspect in any given, I think she's trying to compare and contrast and you really can't They compare her being on the [UNKNOWN] to her being flipped over and dragged out of the closet. I couldn't imagine being a kid in that classroom. How? I mean. And when I saw the video. I was watching it this morning. I saw the video. It was so hard to see the students behind them looking at this happen. I mean, because at that point, you feel assaulted. Right. Right. You're in my classroom. Taking away time from my education because a young lady didn't get off here phone, attacking her. And so, the shade. Talk to me. I mean the shade for me is, Raven is a very smart woman. She's not ignorant at all. Right. No. But I think that what Raven does is, she uses her platform to get attention. Agreed. And I think that her comment was really about getting attention. Agreed. As opposed to using this platform. To say, look that was wrong. And educate. And then, if you wanna talk about education later, and our education system, and the problems that we have in our education system, that's a different conversation. So I just feel like it was a little bit of a sensational answer. Mm-hm. So al of you are kind of in line with the fact that maybe Raven sometimes. She should just be using her platform maybe for more good versus evil if you will. And it's not even about good versus evil, it's just like It's about the need to be the shock jock of the show. Thank you. Exactly. And that means more to her than really addressing the issue. So she'd much rather get those ratings. Up for them. When you're really gonna end up being the joke at the end of the day. Right. I just wanna know what the young lady's parents are doing because I know That's a lawsuit. Yeah, a big lawsuit. It's a lawsuit, though. I mean, it's definitely a lawsuit, and I think the sad part about it is that why you call a police officer in for an 8th grader who's sitting at their desk?>> And he's a police officer slash football coach for the school. Called slim I heard. I heard his nickname was slim. Wow. That's what rumors have. Amazing.

Raven Symone Comments on South Carolina School Incident

Raven Symone recently weighed in on the school incident between a teen and police officer in South Carolina. See what our panel has to say about her comments.