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[MUSIC] Hey, it's your girl Gia Peppers and I'm in Los Angeles today. The music master himself, Pharrell is here. So stay tuned. We've got some great interviews coming up right now. Hi Pharrell. Hi Good to see you. Good to see you too. So, I just finished watching your film. Congratulations.The music is incredible. When you create these sounds though for things like Despicable Me 3 and all of the Descipcables, how do you make sure that the songs are kid friendly but also adult enjoyable when you go into the studio? You kinda just make them for people and not necessarily think about age range. Yeah. Just think about people and feeling. And it's interesting because kids We talk about music that's kid friendly or appropriate for children. But kids listen to their parents' music all the time. That's true. Right. So I think it's just a matter of, once you're done with it, then you go back and edit things that you feel might be a little bit out. Out side the spectrum but for me I chase the feeling first. I'll edit later.>> Absolutely, absolutely and since it's like Father's Day and well you know you have so many amazing beautiful children now. And we're Essence Magazine. While you were promoting Happy your last project. You were always talking about like the beauty and the importance of women and black women in general. What do you tell your sons about the importance of black women? If you could what would that speech be like? Be like? Man, that's a deep conversation. I know, right? But I'm sorry, but [LAUGH]. I mean, you gotta understand we're living in a country right now where unarmed motorists, or even armed motorists who decide they divulge the fact that they might be armed, could get murdered by the people that are supposed to be here to protect you. So, it's a deep conversation, because Those unarmed motorists are the children of black women. So black women endure a lot. Women endure a lot period. Right. Right? But there is a different kind of gravity that black folks in America experience. The physics are different in America for us. I know people don't wanna see it that way. But those were white unarmed motorists. It would be- It would be a different conversation. Yes. And murdered by black policemen. It'd be a different conversation. A very different conversation. So that's a deep question and there's The breadth of the answer is just too much for this particular moment. We don't even have the time to go into it, but I appreciate what you said. But black women, they're everything. Absolutely, I appreciate what you said. And then we have to switch gears, I know that was so serious. But when you think about the work that you've done, even with I Am Other, and all the amazing things you do, you are always putting on for the people who don't quite fit in, and don't quite just Fit mainstream trends. So, when you look back at your impact and your work, what do you want people to kind of remember from Pharrell? What is it, what are you hoping that you're putting out into the universe? I don't even know. You just put it out? Yeah I mean I'm not so into talking about me, so I don't know. I'm really honestly grateful for the opportunity, if anything just remembering my gratitude. Yeah and that's it. Well thank you sir, it was so nice to meet you. [MUSIC]

Pharrell On The Strength Of Black Women: 'They're Everything'

The Grammy-winning artist spoke to ESSENCE about the weight Black women carry, creating music for ‘Despicable Me 3' and the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

Pharrell Williams is back with another hit and this time it’s packaged inside of Disney Pixar’s new animated movie,
‘Despicable Me 3.’

The singer, songwriter and producer who has nearly a dozen Grammys, spoke to ESSENCE about how he continues to create music with a universal sound for the film franchise.

“You kind of just make them for people and not necessarily think about age range … you think about people and feeling,” Williams told ESSENCE.

In addition to opening up about the new film, Williams also discussed the role that Black women play in America. Especially in light of the increase in high-profile cases of police fatally shooting unarmed Blacks.

“Black women endure a lot. Women endure a lot period but there is a different kind of gravity that Black folks experience in America… Black women, they’re everything,” Williams continued.

Williams welcomed three new additions to his family, when his wife Helen Lasichanh gave birth to triplets earlier this year. The couple tied the knot four years ago and are also parents to their son, Rocket Ayer.

Watch the video to learn more about what Williams hopes will be his legacy.