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[SOUND] The #PettyWap Award. The award is going to the one Slayed or Shade topic was just straight up petty. The nominees are Petty Child Support Check. After dealing with what she said was her fiance's meddlesome baby mama in November, one woman came up with a rather unique solution. She created custom personal checks with pictures of herself and hubby-to-be with the caption that read Or getting married. Why? So the baby mom would be reminded of her wedding bliss every time she got a child support check. That's not really going to happen. Next up is 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy. Now bankruptcy isn't uncommon with celebrities but 50 is up for a Petty Whop award because he only filed to avoid paying money for lawsuits. And finally, Diddy's infamous "Love" contract from May, 2015, where Bravo's Andy Cohen asked Mr. Combs about marriage, Diddy said he wasn't ready for marriage, but was all for a "Love" contract. Whatever that is. Okay. So, initial thoughts. Sian? You look. I think Diddy is brilliant. I tried to get into a love contract. Oh! I'm protecting my money! He is a businessman. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. People are coming for your money. You need to make sure they sign a non-disclosure agreement. You need to make sure they sign, like, you're not taking any of my money, you don't speak ill of me. I do this now with my friends. With your friends? So I'm not surprised. Absolutely. You are not drag, dragging my face in the mud when I, when I make it. So we come over to your house, we're gonna be like, oh, sorry. [CROSSTALK] Dang. Tracy? I would say, from the last time I was here, oh girl, [UNKNOWN] and we getting married. Initially, I was like Come on. This is too petty, like, not in a retweetable way. [CROSSTALK] It was really cute. But now thinking back on it, it leaves a very last, a very good lasting impression in my mind. I'm like, rather entertained, right? I love petty people. [LAUGHTER] And I'm just so intrigued, and I really want to be her friend. Because could you imagine how petty her life is? If she took the time to photograph pictures of rings, and being like Hey boo!Here's your money, girl.You're always gonna get it from me,no matter what.I think that's just so amazing.I just. Okay,so who's gonna get the PettyWap award?Is it the paychild support check,50 Cent filling for bankruptcy or Diddy's love contracts? Oh,it's unanimous,here:A. Gotta love them checks

#PettyWap: Who Made The Pettiest Move of 2015?

This award goes to the #SlayedorShade moments that were just straight up petty! From a special child support check to "love contracts,' we're voting on the pettiest move of 2015.