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In this ESSENCE Now segment, Style Expert Patrice J. Williams shows us the perfect gift for the parent in your life.

For the new parent, the gift basket includes, custom cookies you can purchase with the babies photo on it. Another fun gift is a personalized piece of jewelry, a necklace you can customize with the date of the babies birthday or a date that’s special for the couple. Lastly, the new parent basket includes a Lyft Gift card which makes it easy for parents to get to and from doctor’s visits or to have a safe date night.

For the homeowner — who can be mom, dad, uncle, aunt or friends — a great gift basket could include diffusers that help keep your home smelling divine. There’s also a keepsake box, where you can keep photos and little items that have sentimental meaning. Lastly, the homeowner basket includes a snazzy wine sleeve. Wine sleeves keep wine and champagne chilled and comes in a variety of designs.

Check out the gifts in the segment above.