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[MUSIC] My name is Rachel Tomlinson. I'm a recruiter during the day and my passion is jewelry. That send a positive and encouraging message. [MUSIC] I'm a first generation Haitian-American. The earthquake had such a impact on my life, so it was great opportunity when I went to Haiti as a missionary. I wanted to go back there and help. I am very passionate about efforts to help people get access and more opportunities. [MUSIC] Having a major brand like Chevy, in essence just shine a lot on me and give me an opportunity really builds my confidence. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hey Ron, how are you? Hey Rachel, what's up? I'm great, how are you doing? I'm doing great, I'm very happy to be back in New York. That's awesome, well it's good to have you back. So I'm actually heading home right now from work. Okay perfect, would it be best to meet you there? Yes please, we really look forward to seeing you. I'm looking forward to seeing you as well. So I'll see you soon okay? Okay, sounds awesome, talk to you later. Okay later. Bye. Hi my name is Ron Bass I'm here as the Chevy Street Style mentor. Super excited here to meet Richard today. Looking forward to all that she has to offer. I'm so excited to meet Ron Bass today and for him to walk me through this whole process with Street Style. It's just so Wonderful for me. [NOISE] Hey Ron, how are you? How are you doing? [CROSSTALK] So good to see you. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for having me. Of course, my pleasure. so, introduce you to Kirk and Alyssa. Hey Kirk, how are you doing? Hey Ron. High five. Good girl, alright so we're gonna head over the studio. So, we'll be back in a moment, come on. See ya. So here's the studio. Nice. [LAUGH] Thank you. Looking through some of your pieces I know that there was a real profound message. What experiences have you been through in life that was able to pull that inspiration or gave you purpose to do what you're doing today. After the earthquakes in Haiti, I was part of the mission team that went to help the children In Haiti, when I was volunteering at the orphanage, I met a little girl, she was so precious, she gave me a piece of jewelry. That piece of jewelry that she gave me, every time I saw it, when I wore it, it just gave me hope. So, I wanna continue that message with every single person wearing my jewelry. It's a great thing that how you travel the world, you get to meet people who may not have the life that we have and they go through things, but yet They inspire us while we think we're inspiring them, they in turn inspire us. So I think it's key that we hold on to that and utilize that throughout your story as you've been doing and today. Now will you use that same message in four street style? Or are you gonna change it up a little, go in a different Different direction. I see myself carrying the idea of inspiring people and my customers into street style. You have a lot of taste makers, street style influenters, and a lot of fashion forward individuals. A lot of these influences that can really take the brand and take it to the next level. Wow. That is so exciting. [LAUGH] It was so awesome meeting [UNKNOWN] today. I learned so much about how to take this brand to the next level. [MUSIC] Hey guys, how are you? My mom always says, get woman on you. It's the way she says it in Creole, it's like [FOREIGN] fanm sou, like pretty much man up, so woman up, and Stay the course. [MUSIC]

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Rachel Tomlinson is a Human Resources Recruiter who dreams of one day pursuing her love of jewelry design and giving back to the community full-time.Chevy and ESSENCE teamed up to create the Passion Pursuit program where she can share her story.

“My line celebrates products made in America while carrying the spirit of our nation while helping orphans abroad and communities near.” – Rachel Tomlinson