When it comes to football, unique traditions are plentiful. Some teams may wear the same sweatband or vow not to shower until they bring home a win.

And other teams might get some love and affection from their coach’s wife.

Megan Mullen, the University of Florida football coach’s wife, has a tradition with her husband’s players that include planting her kisses all over their faces. Mullen says she considers the young men extended family, often tasking herself with filling in as a mother role for them. The players are her priority.

“They’re college students right, but there’s so much more demanded of them, that anything I can do to lift their spirits or just acknowledge something special they’re doing, you know what? Their moms aren’t here. They don’t get to see them everyday,” Mullen said in an interview.

Many of the players said that Mullen was like a mother to them and her affection was sweet, supportive and encouraging. However, the imagery made its way into people’s feeds and a lot of folks are feeling uncomfortable with Mullen’s tradition.

Check out the video above to see The OverExplainer’s reaction to Megan Mullen’s kisses for her husband’s football team.