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My name is Erica Key, and I am a food blogger and a influencer. So initially, when I started my blog, I decided to start a blog as a online food directory. I was always the go-to girl for great restaurants, the best places to have private gatherings. So I decided to launch this blog as a go-to. So today we went to Hampton and Hudson and that is located in Inman Park. It's one of my favorite places. The customer service is always superb and the food is delightful. They have amazing fresh, local vendors they use for all of their foods and the owners, the chef, the staff, everyone's calm and I've never had a bad experience here. This [UNKNOWN] project is absolutely amazing. I am thrilled Atlanta is being more acknowledged for their food scene. I think that three or four years ago, we were not on people's top ten list, and now you can't mention food without mentioning Atlanta. This is gonna help me go further with getting me a set of national eyes. So we went to Establishment today and the food it's like really intriguing and really nice on the eyes. You know you eat with your eyes first. God, this looks amazing, I'm very happy that this is my cheat meal. What is this? This is our version of the Philly steak sandwich. It's dry aged, smoked New York strip and then my all famous onion doughnuts on the side. You want great drinks. and Fun Times establishment is absolutely the place to go. [MUSIC] So, what I love about the Ford Explorer I'm going to say is the style. It's very chic. I love the technology. I mean, everything is really just one click of a button. You can have the third row disappear, you can have the third row come up. It's really user friendly too. [MUSIC] Call mom. Calling mom on cell. So when [UNKNOWN] initially opened Amara I knew I was going to fall in love with it because I'm a huge fan. At Tabula. Now what I love about Tabula, it's located in midtown, but there are not, if any, Indian restaurants. And they're authentic, Indian restaurants, and they specialize in amazing cuisine. So when they opened this one, and really wasn't an Indian flair, it was more American, I knew they were gonna absolutely execute it. There are some restaurants that are, literally, in your back yard, that's a hour, two hour drive. And I'm really excited to work with these chefs, and give them a new set of eyes.
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