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[MUSIC] So tell us about yourself, because all we know is suddenly online your picture was everywhere, and people are calling you Mr. Steal Your Grandma. [LAUGH] Well, I can tell you the story originally started with this guy. He's a Facebook follower of mine. He saw some pictures that I took and he called me and said, hey you mind if I take some pictures off your page and post them on my social page? And I said sure, sure. I said well let me know what you're going to do first because I have pictures of swimming trunks. And so Wednesday I was at work minding my business and he called me. He said, Irvin? And I said, yeah? He said I think we have a problem here. I said what, he is selling these posters to **** for an hour and you got thirty-seven thousand likes already, I said what? My daughter that lives in California, she calls me she says " dad you're on Twitter?" and I said what? She said no you're on Twitter and you're trending, I said what, trending What does that mean?! what does that mean trending? So I get off the phone with her, And go back to him and say no the numbers are growling. [LAUGH] I think we started something. While I'm on the phone with him I get another Facebook friend call from Nigeria and he was so excited. He said my god is this Urban Ren? I said yeah. [LAUGH] He said my god you're famous. I said no. Are you a celebrity? I said no. And he said well your picture is over here they're circulating. I said my god. My god. And I said wow, what could come of this? He said you better be ready for this my brother. Are you ready? You ready? I am ready. This is good. This is god good. I am so happy that I can do this as an older man and show good quality that's coming. Towards the other young men and older men. Yeah. That this can happen. I love it. It's good. Yes. We love having you here. Thank you so much. And I hope you have a great time this weekend. Thank you so much I love coming to the Essence. Yeah. The one year I came here nobody didn't know me so now. Everywhere. I'm really enjoying it. Everyone's like Mister Steal Your Grandma. Yes. [LAUGH] Thank you. Nice to have you. [MUSIC]

'Mr Steal Your Grandma' Shares How He Found Out His Photos Had Gone Viral

Houston native Irvin Randle, aka "Mr Steal Your Grandma," says he was at work when he found out his photos had gone viral.