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[MUSIC] My name is Sim Walker, I'm the owner operator of The Grill Village Atlanta, the Grill Village New York in historical Brooklyn. [MUSIC] Hi. What's happening? Nice to see you. Nice to meet you, good to see you to. I'm glad that you're here. [MUSIC] The restaurant business is a family business. I got started and I grew up in the business with my mother Madeline And I've been in the business since before I can see over the counter. So you and your mom are really close? You know, we work together and we drive each other crazy. So that's a good thing. So I guess I would say I'm blessed to be having that opportunity. Who's the better chef? Only one answer to that, she is. And the cocktail sort of compliment the meals, right? Indeed. Yeah I saw on foursquare that this is the cocktail place in Atlanta. So what are your other specialties, like what are the things that people run in here for? Right now, the jerk chicken and waffles are taking off, we can barely keep Keep that in the house. I'm looking forward to tasting a few dishes. Let's get some food out here. All right. [MUSIC] What are we about to dine on right now? Wow. We got a lot of goodies at the table for you. We have our curry goat. Uh-huh The oxtail stew. Okay. I have a nice whole snapper for you. Our shrimp and grits, empanadas, I have each variety for you. So we have a curry chicken, curry goat, and the oxtail empanada. And then The infamous jerk chicken and waffles. And I think it sounds like you want to start here first. We do, but before we do I have a question. What are you supposed to eat first? This is the debate. Really, it's a thing? yeah, it's a thing. So how do you eat, what's the answer? How do you do it? My personal preference is you have to combine all the flavors. We want to match that sweet and savory. You know I'm always here for the syrup. [MUSIC] You have to get the cream cheese frosting. Don't forget the cream cheese frosting. And then match that with the jerk chicken. Waffle, little dip. Chicken, syrup, there we go. [MUSIC] My god. Amazing. Okay, you have to eat it like that. You have to? You have to. You have to. That's the only way. Because otherwise you're cheating yourself. [MUSIC] I love Being in the restaurant, being social, greeting people, you know the restaurant's really a community environment. People have good times, people meet. So it's awesome. This is so [UNKNOWN]. Sam, come on, give me some. Don't leave me hanging. That was amazing. We're doing this? Okay, okay. [MUSIC]

Meet The Man Behind Atlanta's Biggest Caribbean Hotspot

Restaurateur Sim Walker and family bring their signature Caribbean flavors to the South with Negril Village Atlanta. Are you ready for classic dishes, gourmet cocktails and a little eye candy?