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Hello, everyone. Streaming live at Excess dot com. I am Alesia Renee. This beautiful woman standing next to me, she really needs no introduction, but, Hey! I mean, that's how we do it round these parts. Stop it. The very lovely Marcia Ambrosius. Hi! What, what you're mother wrote up on me, I know. She was like Ambrosius.. << I've got my mother in town, the family turned up. So, yes, we're gonna have fun. << 20th anniversary of Essence music festival, everyone's having a great time. Give them just a quickie on the atmosphere here. << It's the energy, it's just good food, good soul, real music. << Good Bourbon Street. << Good Bourbon Street and good bourbon. But everyone's having fun and it's good. << Now, I want to get right to the meat and potatoes, because you're getting ready to hit the stage. << I am, they're so impatient, they're like there she is, there she is. << They're like glamouring for it. New album coming up. << Yes, Friends and Lovers A little bird on the street told me the DOC will be in the building? Absolutely, I have the billionaire himself, Dr. Dre, so yes he's on Stronger. Featuring him, produced by me, co-produced by him, and yes. You get Dr. Dre on the album, you get Charlie Wilson on the album, my nephew Sky is on the album- - [INAUDIBLE] I mean, shall we go on? --I know. I know, we don't need to, but I can't wait for you to get it. July 15th, you can pre-order now. Friends and Lovers, go and get it. What do you want people to take away from where you are right now in your music? Ooh, in my music, it's all about being honest. I mean New Orleans holds a near, dear place to my heart as. << I've been coming here for years. Like, even with Essence being the 20th Anniversary, I've done this numerous times. It's just like get up in front of these people again and agin and have so much fun like I always do. << Now one thing I'm really looking forward to are the videos for this album. << [INAUDIBLE]. << Well, I have to make you laugh real quick, because on your sexy time song, I like to say, you know what, Marsha's. Songs are sexy, but her videos are clean. Well you have Always have a message I have a responsibility to what is the music. I do make very sensual very sexy music, so I just want to make sure that you're cautious, and careful, protective of you know, of these things, but also your feelings and your heart. And that's why you're one of my favorite artists. Thank you. I tell you that, I'm like [CROSSTALK] Wait, speaking of beaus, on this album, did you write about any beau in particular? Well, it's friends and lovers, plural, so I wrote about several beaus. Boo. And blue. On that one. I, I, I mean what do you want, what you want me to do, Larry? I mean, she ended on such a lovely note. Shall we let you take it away? I'm gonna take it on away before they, they have their way with me. They have their way with her. Yeah, they're waitin'. Marsha Ambrosius, get the album. When is it coming out? July 15th. Do I get my free copy per use? So, Did you ever think about that? I'm like, you're gonna buy two copies on top of that though, right, and of course I"ll give you a free one. I'll give you one in advance. With the autograph, do it up. I want your mom to bring it my way thought Okay, done, she will, she's over there. Alright, let's go, do your thing, you guys, thank you for tuning in, you're gonna see her performance in just a smidgen, so please don't go anywhere, [INAUDIBLE]
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