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We hear about team natural and team relaxed, and, you know I always tell everybody that I play for both teams, because I go back and forth. Like, when it suits me I will be relaxed, as I am today. And when it doesn't I will go back to natural. And, you know Dr. Miracles, as you stated earlier, has this campaign called undo the herd. You can go to and have conversations with other women and share your hair stories. And I think one of the important thing Things about. Or one of the important ways of beginning to bridge the divide, is to start having a conversation about it. Because we attack what we don't know. Are what we don't understand, right? We make all sorts of assumptions about sisters who are natural. We also make assumptions about sisters who are relaxed. You know, and a lot of times those may be wrong assumptions. And I think what we first need to do is stop judging. And that's all the way around. I mean, we know for many years there have been things that have been taught to us. Whether directly. Or indirectly. We have received messages about ourselves that were dictated to us and not actually how we felt. And I think under the hurt is a way for us to take back Or take control of the message that we send to each other. Because really, we are just reflections. Your natural. I'm relaxed. But we still to fly sisters. Absolutely [LAUGH] you know what I mean? So there's There's a reason why I should be pointing a finger at you and judging you for a choice that you're making. Right. And it's s simple as that. It's a choice. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on when non-African American women say I'm team natural, just curly girls in general. Absolutely, I feel like unless you have the same historical context around. Being natural where there's, you're constantly being judged, you're constantly being discriminated against and also, the struggle around hair care. Finding hair care products, what it requires. Then being team natural is something that I feel like should only be allowed to be used by me because of that experience. It's not the same struggle. Like I can't just Throw my hair down, out of a bun, and say oh someone's judging me because of the curls. It's an entire relationship from birth to now, that I've had to experience. From people who were before me, who have still had to experience it. And even today, Girls are being told that they should not wear their natural hair to school and I love what you're saying about how you are wearing the weave as an option but there's so many girls that they just can not not wear weaves. They just do not love how they look. With out it, its like if I don't have a weave on I need to hide, don't look at me. That's like a lot of people. [NOISE]

Malinda Williams Talks the Problem With #TeamNatural and #TeamRelaxed

Malinda Williams sits down with Hair and Beauty editor Deena Campbell to discuss the issues with #TeamNatural and #TeamRelaxed and how Black women can open up the conversation and move past assumptions.