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[BLANK_AUDIO] A couple of young women have recently accused a London nightclub of refusing them entry because of their looks and race. Now they've started a whole social media campaign and have been protesting. The nightclub manager reportedly denied that he did any such thing, but the topic has social media all worked Up. So, on the count of three, I want to know if you think this is a slay or a shade. One, two, three, slay or shade? Oh, slayed, shade, and slayed. All right. Ray, I'm going to start with you. Why is this a slay? I think if we can't go to Bella Notte, where can we go? I don't know [LAUGHTER] We can't go to LA Shake? We can't go to LA no Shake? Then where can we go? I love the fact that they're using social media on this platform. Black Lives Matter and Night Life Matters too. I'm all in. I feel like if we would just stick together more on these. We would be about to get in clubs all over the world. So I'm kind of->> Like the Bella Nocha, [LAUGH] And Pam you said it was the Shade or? Well look, the Shade is the nightclub, folks, that obviously put them up against the wall. Said the someone was too dark, said the biracial can't go in. I'm shading that situation. But of course I'm gonna slay Power to the People. I'm all about that. So I am shading the situation and how it was handled. So slaying the people for taking action. That's right and how they responded. Noted. Demetria? So the night club owners are shady, shameful, sloppy, scandalous, and 50 million other things that are horrible. I can't believe they treated those ladies that way. But I love that the women have taken action. They didn't just protest and tell their friends or whatever, they took it online and let people now. So I hope that the night club is hitting their pockets and it eventually shuts down. And I hope that we stick together on this, you know sometimes we have a habit of Of raising a ruckus and then it kind of dies out and we move onto the next thing. You know what I mean? I hope that we stick this one out. And this is kind of an issue that's been happening quite a bit, here in the United States, but for awhile now. Yeah. For a long time. You see the light skin, dark skin flyers and all that. [NOISE]

London Nightclub is Under Fire for Banning "Dark and Overweight" Women

Dana Blair sits down with Demetria Lucas-D'Oyley, Rae Holiday and Pam Edwards-Christiani to talk about Dstrkt nightclub's recent mishap with a group of Black women that were allegedly denied entry.