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Lets dispel this once and for all, there is nothing dirty or dreadful about locks, it's my belief that since Africa is the cradle of civilization, locks have been around the beginning of time. Most of African people have a texture of hair that coils, curls and kinks. In many African countries and long before the Rasta movement, locks were worn by those going through rights of passage or priesthood training From Kenya and Ethiopia, to Namibia and Angola. Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal locs have been around for eons. In modern times, locs went from large and wild to groom and stylized. Although stylized locs weren't new they were now being offered professionally in salons. [MUSIC] Here in the locs became a popular fashion in the mid 80's, where each loc would be groomed to look uniform in size and length. And today the style has gone through another transformation thanks to variations such as sister locs, goddess locs, and faux locs. And that's the hair story.

Black Hair-story: Locs

There's no better time than Black History Month to celebrate the hairstyles and products that helped shape our perceptions of beauty. Today, we're looking back at the long and illustrious history of locs. Press play as Anu Prestonia, seasoned stylist and owner of Anu Essentials, details their evolution.