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[BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] Thomas Healy, you all are like relationship gold. [LAUGH] Y'all have been married for 11 years now? 10. 10 okay, so that's a milestone. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so if you have to pick what are two things that you think have made your marriage work? I think the compatibility is really important, and the friendship, you know what I mean? When you can have friendship and compatibility and true love That is, for us, the ingredient of a successful relationship. And the thing about it is, we don't go by other people's standards. What works in our relationship and our household may not work for the next people. But it's what we create and what we do. We don't get involved with anybody else's business, we just do our thing. I know, because we was trying to dig up some Some information we were like they keep it on lock. Yeah and it's something. Love that. The one thing about our relationship in our family we have three children, we have three boys and our children is our truly our pride and joy. And that's the only thing that we can have like I'm out there you know what I mean. Mm-hm. But when it comes to our children and what we have, you know I think it's okay to. Have some level of privacy, yeah. Privacy, yeah, I agree. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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