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Hi. Hello. Hey Toye, get over here. Good to see you. Nice to see you as well. Have a seat. So catch us up, what's going on with dating Toye. It's pretty non-existent. Are you at a time in your life where you're ready to make some space for a great guy to come on and show up in your life? Absolutely. I want you to be officially off the clock tonight. You put your two phones away This is not an interview, this is a date, so we want your fun flirty side to have some fun. I'm ready. So definitely kiss and tell, and tell us all the details. I will see you later. Okay. Good job, girl. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hi How are you? How you doing? I'm Renee. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. First blind date. Yeah. Okay. Ever. I think I've had a blind date before. Okay. And how did that go? I don't think it went beyond the first date. I think he's a handsome guy. He seems very laid back and he has a sense of humor. What are your hobbies? It's so old fashioned, right? I know. I'm old fashioned. Golf. Okay. I've tried that but I talk too much, so golf doesn't work for me. [LAUGH] I think we hit it off. She seemed to be a nice girl. I get out more lately- Okay. you know. Museums and stuff like that. I mean I like that balance of someone who, you know, they like sports, they like museums, they like music. I mean I guess this is not like an official date Cuz if it was, I'd say, you know, steer clear of the finger food. Why are we not treating it like an official date? Oh my god, let's not get into that conversation. Let's not? Okay. This is just two people getting to know each other. You're right, so we're gonna be able to do the finger foods then. Yeah, exactly. All right. So, I was gonna do the teriyaki chicken I'm going with the grits. [LAUGH] Okay. I think the guys that I've dated in the past have been extremely arrogant, and he had a quiet confidence that I could appreciate. So do you cook? I can cook. Are people requesting it or? No, I don't think I have a particular dish that people are calling form. I was gonna say what's your specialty? Grilled chicken. Chicken thighs. Not to dry? No, it's still juicy. You know. What's your Secret ingredient or whatever? Secret ingredient? Mm-hm. Like that in the bosom seasoning. I don't have a bosom seasoning. [LAUGH] I don't have a bosom seasoning. [LAUGH] I think it was great conversation. He was very engaging. And he was very open, which I appreciate. [MUSIC] Would you like to try either of these? Sure. I'll try the I'm fine. Oh, thank you, if you don't mind. Yeah. We had a good chemistry sort of speak. Hopefully she enjoyed my company. I've never been to a Met game. Oh, you gotta go. That's a good thing I'm a Met's fan. Pirates. Pittsburg Pirates. We're playing them today. Just saying. We're playing them today. I would love to. I hope you lose. What? Hey? I'm actually gonna forgive him because he is a best man, because we all have our flaws and that just happens to be his. [MUSIC] I think we hit it off. I think I had a good time. I did too. I would like to get to know you a little better if I can. All right, definitely. I am open to that. And I would like to see if you could deal with this another time. Let me make sure you I'm a gentleman. Aw, thank you very much. You're welcome. Is this someone that I would want to have another conversation with? Sure, absolutely. [MUSIC]
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