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[MUSIC] Hey! How are you? I'm doing well. The question is, How are you? Awesome. So about how many hours did you say you're working? What neighborhood? 40, 50, 60, 70? Somewhere up in there? I would say 70+. 70+ hours a week. That you're working? So how many a hours a week are you putting into your love life? Zero. Zero. Exactly that's my problem. Not after today. We want to spend more time on you. We have an incredible bachelor we can't wait for you to meet so we want you to turn up your party mix, leave that 70 hour working girl at home, and today you get. To be an incredible woman out on a first date. Okay. So we want you to have a good time. All righty. Do kiss and tell. All right. See you. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hello. Hi how are you? When I walked in and I saw Atoy I thought, She's a really nice looking woman. I hope that this date goes pretty well. My first impression of Lavar, he was handsome. He was well dressed, very polished. I'm Miriam. I own BCake NY. We have some things to set up here for you guys. So you can decorate this lovely cake. When I saw the cakes on the table, I wasn't really sure what to think about it. It's not really my thing. I don't really have a huge creative [UNKNOWN] But I look forward to your direction. All right, does they have anything that we can squirt some of the liquid onto the cake to make something happen? No, I don't think so. I think it's whatever you see here is what we have. [MUSIC] So where you from? Originally, I'm from Atlanta. Yeah, but I've lived in New York for a while, so I consider myself a New Yorker. Well, welcome. Yes. How about yourself? I'm from everywhere. Okay. I'm originally from New York. Okay. I was born in Jersey. Okay. And I've also studied abroad in New Zealand. Okay. Awesome. You know, he seemed like a very nice person. Well traveled. Well rounded. Tell me about your Your dating life. Are you single, divorced? I hope so. [LAUGH] Cuz I shouldn't be here if I'm not. Do you have a time frame? Do you wanna have children? I don't wanna get married just for the sake of saying I'm married, but because I found a compliment to my life and whose life I can compliment. Right. What types of men do you like? Tall, bald headed, [INAUDIBLE] I don't make my decisions based on that. I just felt like his questions were based on like dating, and it was so intentional. I want to know like what drives you as a person versus what's your so called box around dating. How has your dating life been? Dating's very different from My era. Okay. Because when you see a beautiful woman, you can walk up to her on the street introduce yourself, have a conversation. Now a days, especially in New York, when you do something like that, she has one hand in her purse. She's ready to grab the mace. So it's a little different. Do you think the women in New York are different than the women out like beyond New York. Yes. Okay. How so? I'm curious. A little more standoffish. Cuz maybe they're more selective huh? [MUSIC] So far we've pretty much ruined everything she's given to us. It's still edible. It is very edible. Yeah. I don't necessarily think there was chemistry between us. I know that there are plenty of men out there that would love a woman like her, but I think we would be better off as friends. Well, I enjoyed myself. I did too. It was very nice meeting you. Nice to meet you, too. Thank you so much. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [LAUGH]