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Hi! Hi! Namaste sister. How are you? Namaste Are you ready? I am so ready. I'm so pumped. Let's go on upstairs, let the people know. I am going on a date, and doing yoga. Two of my favorite things. And so of course you want to know a little about who's waiting for you upstairs? Yes, please. And I can tell you that he is one of the The 2013 Essence most eligible bachelor. Yes, yes. So he is cute, he is doing a lot with his life. I don't know how flexible he is, but you'll find that out. That's right, that's right. And he'll be even more after that. Oh, well alright. Well tell us all about it. Do kiss and tell, and have a good time. Can't wait! M-wah. Get up there. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hello I'm Samantha.>> Hi Samantha, I'm Keisha welcome to Harlem Yoga Studio.>.Thank you. Thank you for having me.>>Great.>>You can have a seat on the pillow there.>>Oh, okay.>>and make yourself comfortable. Are you excited about your date?>>I couldn't be more More excited. [MUSIC] Hi, how are you? I'm doing well, how are you? Good, come on in. Take a seat. Okay. Hi, I'm Samantha. Hi, Samantha. How are you? I'm great. How're you doing? I can't complain. [INAUDIBLE] Good, what's your name? Tyson. Tyson. My first impression of Tyson was like wow. He had a wonderful smile and he looked really relaxed and comfortable. One of my favorite people is MIke Tyson. He's a nice guy when he's not biting people. Yeah. Right, he's from Brooklyn so. [LAUGH] Are you from Brooklyn? I absolutely am. When I walked in the room and I saw Samantha, I thought, you know. She seemed like a very nice girl. I work in Brooklyn actually. You do? Okay. Yeah, I work at a charter school. Really? I'm a charter school principle. So, [LAUGH] Teacher's are a different breed of people so when you meet another one it's that automatic connection I love that about her. I love the fact that she was in education. That was awesome. [MUSIC] The yoga experience was interesting. You know I've never done yoga before. Keep your focus to two things, your breath and and the anāhata chakra. This yoga instructor is giving me terminology. And I'm like, just translate. Just tell me in English. I think Tyson did a great job at yoga, since it was his first time. I remembered my first time. I was a lot more nervous than he was. So he jumped right at it. I would like to think it was because of me too. [LAUGH] So, what do you do to relax? I love food. Do you cook? Of course I cook. Oh. What is your favorite thing to cook? Everything. Like, if you wanted to impress me, what would you cook? If I wanted to impress you, I probably wouldn't cook. I would probably take you to some place nice to eat if I wanted to impress you. Huh. I mean he cooks and he said he can cook anything. That really impressed me. So I'm hoping I get a chance to maybe Taste something. [MUSIC] So this is a variation on warrior two and the most important thing about our warrior poses is the strength that you bring to it and the gaze. [MUSIC] Hold the gaze. Hold the gaze, wow. That was, that's something new cause I'm used to doing yoga by myself. She looked at me and I looked at her. And I'm saying, wow, how long can I do this? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC] You're going to take a moment of stillness here and then whenever you're ready, you take your chin to your chest and say, Namaste, to your partner. Namaste. Ditto. [LAUGH] It wasn't my ideal date but she's nice. It was so great meeting you. Very nice to meet you as well. I think there's a possibility for a second date. I would love to get to know more about him. You take care and be well. Okay and you too. Okay. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]