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[MUSIC] Hi. Good to see you. Good to see you. Take a seat. So, you've come up here all the way to Harlem at one of my favorite spots, Park 112, for your first blind date. How long have you been living here in New York? About a year and a half now. You've been here a year and a half. How is the dating? Been going for you? It's non-existent. {LAUGHTER} It's just been a rough ride. Since I moved to New York, I've had a few disaster dates. Alright, so a few of my blind date do's. Do have a good time. Do be open. And most importantly, I need for you, Peyton, to shake off all of those bad dates you had in New York. Let them go, so when this great guy does show up tonight, You can enjoy him for who he is. Sounds great. [MUSIC] {LAUGHTER} Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Peyton. Ian Ian? How are you? Nice to meet you. I have a Oh that's so sweet! My first impression of Ian is great, he's tall dark and handsome. I've never been given flowers before so it was really a nice gesture. My first impression of Peyton is a little reserved. So what are you looking for? Fun, romance, deep intimacy, like what are you looking for? I'm looking for all of it. Someone to have fun with, someone who is also genuine. It was refreshing to find someone who wanted that connection at such an early age. I'm really career focused but family Is important to me. So definitely settling down, having kids is a priority. Otherwise, I wouldn't be going on dates like this. [LAUGH] I know I wanna create legacy. And I know that I have a lot to give, a lot of love to give and a lot of things to teach. Right. And so, I need a place for that. I need a base for that And I need a partner for that. The whole thing he said about creating a legacy is something that really resonated with me. Got to quote my grandma, you know. But she's always telling me like, you should like continue the family legacy, not just procreating and making the name, but really like elevate it. Being our family. And like working together as a family to move up in society. Yeah. Talking about legacy blew my mind. I mean, for us to connect on that was awesome. [MUSIC] That's actually hers, it's fresh steamed. Okay. And a yeah. Yeah thanks. Do you mind if we like kinda bless food? Sorry. Oh sure, sure. I do come from a Christian family so I do think it's nice that he is very committed to his faith. [MUSIC] I love sports. Word. A huge football family and we all went to bigtime schools so we have this home rivalry. I went to Michigan, University of Michigan. Oh you went to University of Michigan. What do you have? Are you an Ohio State Fan? No. Oh good. For a second I was worried that he was an Ohio State fan. I wouldn't dare say that in front of you right now. I'm not gonna get into that. Okay. It would have been a wrap like that. [MUSIC] You guys gotta new coach and everything. Shoot. Check! Yeah, you want the check. I'm smart enough to back away from certain conversations. But she loves sports, that is amazing. What is this toast gonna be to? New experiences? To new experiences. [LAUGH] Cheers. Cheers. Moving forward I definitely think there's a chance of a second date. Ian seems like a great guy. Thank you for the lovely flowers! You like that? Don't lie. I did. I did. It was, Really great. Spending time with Peyton was great. She herself was a young, beautiful, mature woman. This was my first blind date. I really didn't know what to expect but it turned out being really great. [MUSIC] [LAUGH]

Kiss and Tell: Can Peyton Shrug Off Bad Date Memories Of The Past And Enjoy Her First Blind Date?

Young professional Peyton is looking for a lasting love but has had so many blind dates in the past she was nervous about meeting Ian. Was their blind date dinner be a hit or miss? Watch and see!