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Hi. Hi. Good to see you. Good to see you too. So are you ready for a sweet date? I am. So today we have you decorating some cute little cupcakes and you get to meet a fun, eligible bachelor. And do kiss and tell. I will. And let us know how it goes. Okay, sounds good. All right. Get on in there. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hi, I'm Peyton. Dozie, nice to meet you. Dozie, nice to meet you too. Very Thank you. So, what are we doing? Cupcake decorating. Cupcake decorating? Yes. Typical Saturday for you, or? Not quite. I really like the way he was dressed and he seemed very put together. How long have you been living in New York. About a year and a half. Okay. Are you from here originally? I'm from Okay. You don't have a Boston accent. I don't. I don't. Which is nice. Oh, it's nice. Oh. [LAUGH] She's beautiful and she seemed very friendly and warm. I'm Miriam. I own BCake NY. Have you decorated cupcakes before? Can't say that I have. No. I'm sure that's a big surprise. So a cake date probably Wouldn't be something that I would typically gravitate towards. I don't really think you have been to the cupcake decorating, I kind of felt like I was taking the wheel and doing all the work, which is fine, some of us are a little more creative than others. Do we want to do all of these? Go for it. Are these edible? Yes. [MUSIC] I'm not as much of a, like a dessert person. She seemed to be more of one. [MUSIC] Where did you go to school? I went to Georgetown a few years ago. But I also went to Northwestern, the big ten, for grad school. What did you study in grad school? Business, so I got my MBA, but I focused on media management. Personality wise, I think she's probably a little more shy than I am. I'm a little more outgoing. So do you work in media now? I do. So I work in TV and radio. Okay. Do marketing, lot of events, digital marketing. I actually work in television as well. So, I'm a research analyst. I do the nerdy stuff, so I basically just handle numbers all day. Well, the numbers are the most important thing. Working in the same industry, it's nice to discuss similar interests, cuz we both know how television works. How do you think your career choices and the industry you work in affect your decision to Going to settle down with kids. I'm still trying to figure that out. The logistics. If I want to stay in New York or go out west to LA. Would you ever take a step back with your career to raise a family or raise kids? No I can't see myself as like a stay-at-home mom. I kind of felt an awkward tension when I said that I would be more career-focused as opposed to a stay-at-home mom. Let's see if we can dive in on a a few of these other ones and decorate. You've been the expert so far so I'll let you take the lead. No, you've got to decorate. I'll get these ones over here. here. [MUSIC] So what's your ideal guy? Definitely someone that's smart. I love a guy that can make me laugh. The whole date was more of an interview than an actual date. I felt like it was hard to kind of open up to him. What about you, what's your ideal girl? You know, I know a lot of people have like Laundry list of making different stuff but for me it starts and ends with just, you know being interesting and having that connection. I think there's a possibility for a date number two. I felt like we had good rapport and she seemed really, really sweet. And so I would definitely go out with her another time. Why don't we dive into these cupcakes? Yes, okay. I'm going to grab this one. Just one. All right. If I make a mess you can make fun of me, okay. Cheers! Overall I think Josie is a really great guy, but overall I don't think we connected on a level where I would be open to a second date. [BLANK_AUDIO]