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[BLANK_AUDIO] Hello Kim. Hi. Welcome to the Essence. Yes, thank you. It's so great to be here. I love having you here. I love that Essence. I'm so happy to be here. Love it. Who do you look forward to seeing? Everybody, everybody and not just the performers, I'm looking forward to seeing Everybody, you know. Looking forward to just being here and connecting, I'm looking forward to the music and all of the empowerment. And just you know, just being in the village. Yeah, yeah. I call it the best family reunion on Earth. You just told me that you just celebrated 40 years in this industry. Praise God, this year 2016 is my 40th year in In the industry, yes. Wow. I started when I was seven with the Mrs. Butterworth commercial. My goodness. What have you learned about yourself and just being in the public spotlight for so long? What have you learned? You've grown up in front of us. First, I've learned that God is a good God because for all intents and purposes And the way statistics go with my industry. I should either not be successful, possibly dead, strung out on something, and just not in my right mind. Yeah. And so, I thank God for all of that. But I've learned from myself that, and especially with the last project I did with Dancing With the Stars I learned, just when I think I couldn't get any more determined, any more focused, a project comes along, or just a new breath of life comes into me, where I feel like okay, let's go next level. And I think that still having the passion for the industry, after all this time, is God's not done with me in this thing yet.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star dishes on what she has learned about being the spotlight since she was 7 years old.

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