Watch Alfre Woodard, Blair Underwood And More Hilariously Share Their Fantasies

"Girl, I don't fantasize!" Alfre Woodard tells ESSENCE.
What’s your fantasy? In Alfre Woodard’s latest, Juanita, a Netflix film all about an auntie finding herself and her groove in the process. In this movie, Juanita spends a lot of time daydreaming, hoping to escape the anxieties and pressures of her life. And within that fantasy, we find a sexy Blair Underwood, who is playing himself. “That’s easy. I can do that,” Underwood joked to ESSENCE. Because of Juanita’s graphic fantasies, we asked the cast to share their fantasies with us Thursday on the New York City red carpet for the film. Woodard, if you must know, is living her fantasy as we speak, so when she drifts off, she doesn’t dream up images of her co-star. Instead, she said she imagines food and spice combinations that would tickle her tastebuds. No, really. “Girl, I don’t fantasize!” Woodard laughed. Check out the video above to find out which Juanita cast member fantasizes about Woodard and Underwood…together.   TOPICS: