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You've played many, many characters. Many roles from the guys we love to the guys we love to hate. Yes. Film, television. But most importantly what I want to know. What was it like to get left at the alter by Whitley Gilbert? [LAUGH] In a different world, talk about that moment. [LAUGH] Well, I mean, you know, understand of course that everybody, meaning I knew it was happening, Debbie Allen who invited me to come onto the show. I was traumatized in my living room. Right. I think the only grievance I ever had on the show was he didn't. I wasn't allowed to say anything. And she just said, I'm going off with this other person, and ran off. And there I was. But other than that, it was great fun. [LAUGH] Although we could do Senator Byron, the sequel. We can have that moment. No, I think that's in the past. Just let it go? I think we gotta let it go, yeah. Okay, okay. Fine, fine, fine. So we'll let it go. And we'll move on to Proof. Okay, yes. Your new show on TNT on Tuesday nights, which just premiered. Congratulations. Thank you. So the premise of the show, it's challenging us to think outside the box in terms of the afterlife, correct? Yes Can you tell us a little bit about that in your character? Well the idea is to, Matthew Modine finds a tech wizard who is brilliant and also very very ill. And very very wealthy, he manages to talk Jennifer Beals, who is a heart surgeon who works for me, I'm in charge of th The surgical wing of the hospital. She's just lost her son. She's had a near death experience. He manages to talk her into investigating a series of files that he's accumulated over the years because he needs to know what's going to happen when he dies, if and when he dies. Gotcha. I only get involved with Matthew in terms of his illness and know nothing about this secret investigation. Show that they're doing. Okay, and so what drew you to this role? Actually, the idea of the show. I mean, it wasn't so much the role as it was I wanted to be part of this conversation. I think life after death is something that we all think about, or in some cases don't wanna think about at all. Right. And it was just an interest of mine to see how they were gonna write it, where it would go, what would happen to the characters involved. And, it's been, it's great. The stories, as you will see from week to week, are just beautifully done, very different than what you would expect them to be. And, what are your thoughts on the afterlife, just out of curiosity? I think. It doesn't much matter. [LAUGH] If you live a good life here and there is an after life fine. And if you live a good life and there isn't an after life, then it doesn't matter.

Joe Morton On What It Was Like to Be Left at the Altar on 'A Different World'

Remember when Whitley Gilbert abruptly decided Joe Morton's character on 'A Different World' wasn't the one? How'd that feel?