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[MUSIC] True or false, Jay Z wrote your versus in money ain't a thing. No, I mean false. False. True or false, Bow Wow wanted to start writing his own rhymes before you thought he was ready. True. True, and how did you have that conversation with him? How did you broach that with him? When you write for a artist, like the way we started with Bow Wow, you have to understand how, you know when someone writes your music, or whatever it is. What the difference of the writing is from before you can actually take the reins. Gotcha, and this is our last one. Janet's catalog is better than Mariah's, true or false? [MUSIC] That's a hard question. I guess it's because it depends on if you're a fan If you're a fan of Janet Jackson you're true, if you're a fan of Mariah Carey you're true. Gotcha. That was a good answer. [LAUGH] You're false I mean. If you're a fan of Mariah then it's false, if you're a fan of Janet Jackson then it's true. Well thank you so very much for joining us and for being such a good sport.

Jermaine Dupri Plays an Intense Game of 'True or False'

Did Jay-Z write his verse for 'Money Ain't a Thing'? Does he think Janet Jackson's catalog of music is better than Mariah Carey's? See what Jermaine Dupri has to say on this intense round of "True or False."