Jay-Z Questions Why We Don’t Support Black Entrepreneurs

ESSENCE Now's "Slayed or Shade" panel takes on Jay-Z's recent interview with 'Rap Radar'.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 23, 2017

The multi-millionaire mogul thinks that the black community can do a better job of supporting one another —but ruffled feathers when citing LaVar Ball as an example of someone to support. 

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Now lastly in an interview with Rap Radar podcast, Jay-Z question why black people don't support black entrepreneurs. And he used basketball dad Lavar Ball as his example.>> That man has a vision of his own, why would I not support him? Why wouldn't I support him? He feels like he can move coach and his son. Got a big enough name and a big enough brand that they can do it. Nike had to start somewhere. Why do we get so upset when we, us as a culture, want to start our own [SOUND] [NOISE], Now some folks believe Jay missed the mark here, pointing to everything from Lavar Ball's controversial statements about women to his overall brash personality as reasons he shouldn't get a blanket cosign from us. [UNKNOWN] ...Weigh in, does Jay have a point, that we should always support black wealth? Or is it inexcusable to dismiss LaVar Ball's past behavior? Is it a Slayed or a Shade? Go ahead panelists, one to three, go. Okay. We'll start with, wait, I haven't started with Charli. Charli, you go. I knew you were ready. Okay, I'm shading [UNKNOWN] because it's easy for someone with as much wealth as he has to tell us what to do with the wealth we don't have, okay? Look, I'm all for supporting black owned businesses, but my morals mean everything to me, and I stand up for women. I'm black and I'm a woman, so if I don't agree with someone's views, I don't have to support their business just because they're black, I can find another black owned business to support, and I just, you know, it's always interesting to hear people with so much money [CROSSTALK] So you don't listen to R. Kelly, you don't, that's where you draw the line, I don't like your message? I do, I haven't supported R. Kelly In a long time. In a minute. Okay, all right. I'll admit it, I forget a [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] All right, all right. Sean, jump in. Yes, I do forget. I agree with Charli in a lot of ways. I think [UNKNOWN] was wrong in saying that there should be a blanket contract for, I still don't have title. It's not that good. So I, [SOUND] yes, I did. Shade, you are holding up the right card. Yes I did. So just because Jay did it doesn't mean that we should get into it. Yeah. And also if you looked at the sneakers that this man is trying to sell for $450, they are ugly. So I'm not gonna support you for some $450 I can get for $12 from Shaq at Walmart. [UNKNOWN] have the last word in here. On the so called snake. I actually agree with Sean and Charlie. I think that we should have enough deciphering to, we do have, we're gonna buy, we're gonna buy. But I am saying slay just for the continual promotion of buying black in general, just to remind people, if you have that option, to buy black. Do it. But I'm not saying anything because I think Lavar Ball is Crazy. I mean he thinks he is better then Jordan.>> He tried it.>>He said it several times that he could beat Jordan in his prime and I am like OK. But I mean I do support the Cut and I have. I have Spotify so I don't have title either but. Another one. Yeah Spotify 's great [LAUGH]. Yep well. But support black if you can. If you can all right. Kayla what On Twitter saying about Jay's comments on Lavar Ball. Okay I was trying hard to find something supportive so I found one at skeptical Lex. She says Lavar truly is creating a legacy Jay-Z has to support. Hashtag support black business. All right that was the one support I found. Everything else is shade. So at AlSal1302 so Jay-Z buying from and publicly stating support for Lavar Ball isn't showing support for his misogyny. So hashtag double standard, they say. Scott McCary says what's interesting is Jay-Z somehow concludes that we all dislike Lavar Ball because he had a vision of his own and that's nuts. He missed the mark.