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We actually have a viewer question that was submitted for you.>>Okay.>>All Right.>>Hi. My name is Manese Azude and I'm a student at the University of Texas at Austin and I wanted to ask what is your advice or any type of go to tips that you can give me? With dealing with abrupt stressful situations, I am someone I've learned that if there's a situation that comes my way I wasn't expecting yet, and its very stressful, I don't know how to deal with stress very well and it starts to effect the way I function to where I can't function so any advice? Okay, so she's shoot him from the driver seat of her car. [LAUGH] But thank God she's not moving. Sure. I think what I would say to anybody is learn how to breathe. Do you know how many of us breathe improperly? Mm-Hm. We breath [SOUND] and that's what we do when there's stress. It's really useful to breathe way down in the diaphragm. [MUSIC] In the belly. Mm-hm. So whenever comes at you, stressful, shocking, upsetting, [SOUND] because what breath does is it floods the brain with oxygen. Mm-hm. So that you can, function and think I would say stop and breathe and keep breathing and fill your body with oxygen until you can make a choice, a decision, or understand what's going on. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Iyanla Vanzant's Tips for Dealing With Stress

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