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I appreciate you wearing your hair like that, you know? I'm like, thank you for your approval. [MUSIC]. My mom used to always push me to rock my natural hair. She was so frustrated with me in high school when I, Constantly covered it. She was like I know you're hair and if you get a perm it's gonna fall out. After awhile I was like, mama, I don't care what you say. I wanna do it and this is my choice. I am 12. [LAUGH] And, my hair fell out. And she was like I told your bald-headed ****. Men always come with the Sister, and the Queen, which is fine. Great, thank you, I say they think I like poetry a lot. They think that I'm a cocoa butter queen. But they always approach me delicately. Like I just want to say I appreciate you braiding your hair like that, you know. I'm like, thank you for you approval. [MUSIC] I love Tiana Parrish. She's amazing, her hair is always on point. I love Solange's hair styles. She just always kills the game. So I saw Natalie [UNKNOWN] video, and she had a bald Head and I just thought she was so beautiful and I was also working in a job that I was frustrated with and trying to get [UNKNOWN] girl off the ground. I've tweeted something like, man, I wish I had an excuse, like I wish someone would just break up with me so that I could have an excuse to shave my hair off. And then I was like, that's a funny plot line Of a show or something. And decided to put on Facebook that I wanted to shave my head bald. And so all my friends responded, my gosh, do it! You about to be so ugly! My god, what if you have a weird shaped head? And I was like, my friends are terrible. But I saw how much attention I was getting and I was like, my I should use this. I should shave my head and then do a trailer for Awkward Black Girl where I feature my bald head and that way people who want to see what I look like will also know about this new show that I'm trying to do. And so I did it and it got like 3,000 views in a day and I had a bald head. Now I had a fresh start. And that bald head changed my life. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Issa Rae's Mane Moment: 'Having a Bald Head Changed My Life'

Insecure star Issa Rae discusses her hair journey and explains how shaving her head led to her biggest success.