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Hey Essence Festival, I'm Dana Johnson and I'm right here at the Empower U stage in the convention center, New Orleans, Louisiana, day one of the 20th anniversary of the Essence Festival. Empower U is new this year, making its inaugural debut in perfect fashion. We have the one, the only Steve Harvey on the stage right behind me, sharing, doing some Q and A, and giving a lot of inspirational tips and motivational speaking points of view, if you will, to the audience that's in attendance. And as usual, in Essence Fashion, we have plenty of surprises, plenty of special guests, to keep you motivated, and encouraging you to live your best life. What do you think about the information that Steve Harvey is sharing with our audience? I think it's much needed information that needs to be put out for others to hear dispute what my personal beliefs may be, and what some other people in the audience may think. There are a lot of people who really need to understand what he's talking about, and they need a lot clarity of what's going on in their own personal relationships today. Well, when he talks about empowering you, he was talking specifically about being conscious of the person that you're with, being conscious of the person that you're dating, and the conscious of the person that you marry. I am recently married, and thank you. I took it to, I took into account the things that he was saying about just being conscious to that person, and being equally yoked with that person. And that's something that's really important to me. Okay, and Essence, we want you to stay empowered, and stay inspired, keep coming right back here, for more festival highlights, and more highlights from the Empower U stage

Inspiration on the Empower U Stage

The all-new Empower U stage was the place to find words of encouragement. Find out what Steve Harvey had to say about maintaining healthy relationships.