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ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Felt Like A Black Women Christmas

Watch as The OverExplainer brings you into the electrifying room.

ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood has been bringing Hollywood’s finest, most melanated queens, kings and every one in between together for 13 years. And each and every year, the event seems to outdo itself, which is no wonder why the 2020 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood awards luncheon owes us nothing.

This year’s host, Eve, ushered us through a star-studded, buzzy celebration—from paying tribute to The Bryant, Altobelli, Chester and Mauser families, who were affected by a fatal helicopter crash last month, to keeping the energy high in the room, celebrating the best in Black cinema.

But the stand-out moments were mostly embedded in the epic speeches by this year’s honorees—Niecy Nash, Lashana Lynch, Melina Matsoukas, Janet Mock and the cast of Pose—as well as their celeb besties, who presented them.

Although each speech was revealing, heartfelt and hilarious, so much so that it felt like a Black Women Christmas, Matsoukas’ was most memorable. She took us all on a journey, sharing all of the reasons her incredible mother deserves praise. Matsoukas also revealed a little known tidbit—she was a production assistant on the set of Trina’s “Ass Too Fat” video back in 2000.

ESSENCE celebrated all Black women, and it’s why ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood was one of the most soul-filling events our OverExplainer has ever attended.

Get a peek inside the esteemed awards show by watching the OverExplainer Reacts video above.


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