Regina Hall has had a lot of roles. This year alone she’s played a trash talking day trader, a mean girl CEO and an estranged wife. Of the latter, she starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Shaft, and while Hall’s character isn’t a superhero, Shaft sure is.

ESSENCE was invited to Harlem to chat with the cast of Shaft, and we asked Hall if she thinks we’ll ever see her serving up as a Black woman superhero.

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“That’d be an old superhero,” Hall said. “I need my glasses. I shot two innocent people!”

Hall continued joking about the fact that when the clock strikes 10 p.m., she’s in the house and cannot be convinced to leave. “If the crime happens after the sun goes down, I’d be like, ‘I’ll get them tomorrow,'” Hall laughed. “If I’m already out, I can solve it. But to get up and go back out?!”

We can all relate. Check out the video above to see more hilarious details of Hall as an age-appropriate superhero.


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