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I Turn My Camera On, Episode 10: Pooch Hall Talks With Lance Gross About Parenting A Special Needs Child As A Celebrity


On this week’s episode of “I Turn My Camera On,” actor Pooch Hall joins Lance Gross at his photo studio for a deeply personal conversation about balance.

“For me, when I think of balance, I think of my career and also my family. It’s all about what’s important to you. I always like to put my family first and then, my career. So, you gotta have the balance.”

Pooch reveals that his interpretation of balance as a working actor is all about getting your mind right.

“When I hear balance, [I think of] being able to have that level mind to be able to deal with all the different obstacles,” he says. “What I meant by that is, finding that time for yourself, because what a lot of people— whoever doesn’t have a family or whoever doesn’t work in the industry—don’t understand is how much work and attention and energy they both need. I think when you take that time for yourself with a level mind and level head, you’re able to make good choices. You’re able to give the attenion to the family and then in your career, from every different angle, be able to kind of think through what’s being asked of you and what you have to do. Balance starts with ones mind.”

As the discussion turns to things each actor does to maintain balance in their lives, Pooch opens up about the challenges with making sure that he stays involved a father and husband while also staying afloat in his career. He also shares some of the unique challenges he and his wife face with parenting a special needs child.

“You and I, we both have daughters. My oldest daughter Djanai, who’s handicapped, changed my life and my wife’s,” he adds. “My whole family dynamic got changed when we were blessed with my daughter, who has cerebral palsy. You know, I’m off the set but then, I’m going home making dinner and making sure that my kid is good and all that. So, people don’t tend to see that. They don’t see me and my wife waking up in the middle of the night when my daughter has a seizure.

That’s real life. So, to an individual who wants to be in this game, it’s like, go for it. But, understand that, this industry, they don’t care. [They’re worried about] is he gonna be on set? Is gonna know his lines?”

See the episode in full above and be sure to visit the official “I Turn My Camera On” website HERE to see all episodes.

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