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[BLANK_AUDIO] I wanna play a game with you. See you're family now. So now we're going to go with the fun stuff first. Go for the gusto. Okay. This is called finish the lyric. Finish the lyric. God. It's your lyrics. My lyrics. It's your lyrics. God. I'm gonna read the first line and then I'd like to ask you to finish the lyric. You can sing it for me. Okay. Maybe kind of, sort of? Maybe. Okay, first one. Just for the sake of my daughter, tried to stick with the plan. [BLANK_AUDIO] Do you want a- That's Thank You. I know the song. But, I had to stick to the plan, but the weight, fourth finger, left hand- [LAUGH] Right, right, right? Yes, yes, yes. [LAUGH] But I don't know the first part. [MUSIC] For, but I had to get rid of the weight. But I had to get rid of the weight, yes. Okay, okay. So you're warming up now, you're warming up, all right. Okay. This is the second one. Give me some Donnie Simpson. I'm about getting some Donnie Simpson. No. Give me some Donnie Simpson. [LAUGH] That's all I got! I don't- That's how it sounds. Know the lyrics to that. It's from Turn It Up, on Video Soul, Where I got my first- On Video Soul Where I got my first attention. Yes! [LAUGH] Don't don't don't- [LAUGH] It's okay, it's season two. [LAUGH] And here's our third one. "But now that you're gone, I feel so alone. All I do is think of you until the day you return, it doesn't mean a thing. I don't know that at all. It's a sunny day. What's a sunny day without you? Just another 24 that passes by. I know that. Yeah So that was the- Know that lyric. That was the finish the lyric part. Yeah. Okay, that's that. [LAUGH] We have not have played that game. [LAUGH]. It's okay. It's okay. [BLANK_AUDIO]

How Well Does Brandy Know Her Own Lyrics?

Brandy dropped by ESSENCE Live and plays Finish the Lyric. Find out how well one of our fave R&B singer knows the words to her own songs.