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[MUSIC] Hey guys. I'm Maria Antoinette and today I'm gonna be telling you some great tips on how to keep your hair hydrated when you do your protective style for this fall. I'm gonna be using all Cantu products. Protective styles don't have to be limited to braids, sew-ins, extensions or anything like that, you can just simply put your hair up and make sure your ends are tucked for it to be technically a protective style. But today, I really wanna stress the importance Of using hydration while you're putting your hair up. So let's go ahead and get Nicky's hair into an extremely sleek and hydrated bun. Since we co-washed her hair, her hair is nice, soft and hydrated but we still wanna make sure that we add in that extra moisture. Now with conditioner. A living conditioner, a little goes a long way. Okay? So you don't have to use a tan. And we're gonna start at the ends of the hair. We're just gonna do a scrunched type of motion into the hair and then we're gonna bring it in towards her root. [MUSIC] All right. Once I get that all blended in to her hair, I'm seeing that there is still a few tangles in her hair, all we do was cleanse, we put her leaving conditioner because we want her hair to be super hydrate. Braided. Now we're gonna go ahead and break down these tangles. You guys this Coil Calm detangler from Cantu is a life saver. The slip in this stuff [NOISE] I'm telling you it's amazing. So I'm just gonna mist this on her hair, and I'm just gonna work that into her hair. I wish you guys could smell this, it's so [NOISE] It's nice, the guys like it too. Now to secure it down and into place, now that our ponytail is nice and secure, it's time to tackle the puff And get this into a nice eloquent bun. So I'm gonna take my Denman brush for this part and I'm gonna try to brush out some of her texture, not all of it. The reason why we're doing a bun from curly hair is to celebrate the texture that she naturally has. So I'm just gonna go ahead and brush this through [MUSIC] We're gonna take this first piece and we're gonna wrap it in the front very loose. And we're gonna just pin that right into place. [MUSIC] Now for this second piece, we're gonna pull that towards the back. Same loose texture. All right, so as you can see, her bun is complete. But it's not finished just yet. We have everything super sleek, but in order to keep it that way we are gonna tie her hair down with this silk scarf. You can let that sit on your hair for about five minutes while you're running around the house getting your keys, grabbing whatever you need. You can even ride with it on your way to work. Take it off right before you get there, and you're good to go for the day. [MUSIC]

How to Make Your Top Knot Look Bigger

Most of us associate the term "protective style" with crochet braids, extensions or twists. To the contrary, there are countless other ways to keep your ends healthy and tucked away. In fact, chances are you've already mastered the more simple ones, like a top knot. If your's is lacking in volume, there's a simple, but genius trick to make it look bigger. Press play and watch as Cantu Global Stylist Maria Antoinette shows us how to elevate this go-to look in just a few steps.