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[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Ozo with NARS Cosmetics. I'm here in New York for New York Fashion Week and we want to bring some of that runway beauty into the real world. One of the biggest trends that we see every single season is this beautiful fresh luminous. The skin. And the easiest way to achieve this look is with products that are designed to make the skin look more luminous. I love a highlighting stick which you can add directly to the skin on foundation or underneath foundation. Foundation. [MUSIC] We're gonna follow up with a highlighting blush right through the illuminated area. I'm wanna use a Kabuki inspired brush that actually helps to layer the products ever so lightly. [MUSIC] I'm gonna sweep a little bit along the bridge of the nose. And whatever's left, just do the forehead. This gives the skin, like I said, just that beautiful hyper real, hyper illuminated look that we see in editorials and in the magazines. [MUSIC] I'm going to use the powder puff and press the loose powder through the center of the face to help eliminate any unnecessary or unwanted areas of shine. Now we're going to proceed to do a beautiful deep berry lip. Which is still popular on the runways. I'm using a beautiful berry lipstick and I'm applying it with a lip brush. A lip brush allows you to have a more precise application of lipstick versus using it directly from the tube. So to perfect this look I'm going to go back with a little bit of concealer and clean the edges. How do you clean up a lip stick edge after you've done such a great job with foundation? Is just to use a little bit of concealer on a concealer brush and wipe off any excess lipstick. [MUSIC] To complete this look add a bit of blush with color right along the cheekbones. I'm placing the color directly underneath the highlighted portion of the cheek, right in the hollow of the cheekbone to give structure, depth And dimension. [MUSIC] You wanna add a little bit of highlight just to the center of the lids in a very neutral nude-ish shimmer. [MUSIC] Now to finish off the look. Mascara. Our model, Eve, has amazing lashes already, this is just gonna accentuate. [MUSIC] And that's it, a great beauty look from the most recent runway that translates well to the real world, in fashion forward colors that work great on every skin tone. [SOUND]

How To Make Your Fall Makeup Pop

There's no such thing as one type of fall makeup look. Depending on your personality, lifestyle and mood on any given day, how you decide to adorn your face can be an unpredictable experience. The one thing most of us can agree on is that we want a "lit from within" glow. And if we had to choose one brand to help us achieve that effortless look for the season, it's NARS. We recently met up with Uzo, the brand's International Lead MUA, at W New York — Union Square’s What She Said event, where she shared her tips and tricks for taking the biggest runway trends to reality. Press play for her quick and easy how-to!