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They're going to love these spring trends. Yes. We have a couple of looks that we're going to hip all of you out there to. The first trend is the cold shoulder or the drop shoulder, which is a personal favorite for me. This trend was all over the Spring 2016 runways. Almost At every designer features this trend. From Prabo Gorant to Mille, Peter Pillado and Princess Schuler? Precious, what makes this trend works for women of all sizes? I think that the shoulders are super sexy on any woman of any size, any age, any race and it's always cute to just show that off. It gives a little Flirty, girly feel and which is perfect for spring. Yes. Hello Kayla, this is our first look. You better rock that trend. Tell us a little bit about this look, Precious. So I'm loving this Forever21 dress, it is perfect Ruffled around the shoulder. The shoes are from Lane Bryant, which I especially love for brown girls because it's brown and it gives a nude effect, which elongates the entire body. The red clutch from ASOS is The path of color that you need to just spring it up. And the chunky bracelet- It's OK girl, it's all the same. Super cute especially with the denim chambray look with the tribal, the neutrals, it's really cute. I love it. And this is absolutely fabulous. I feel like you can wear this a day, night. This is a cute brunch look, right? Super cute, and then you can get you a little post-brunch boo. And you go on a date, Kayla. How you feel? All right, thank you so very much. And now our second look, Naeem Khan, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Mary Katrantzou all featured stripes in their 2016 spring runway shows. And those looks weren't just a little bit here and there, these were head to toe stripes. Yes. Sheik stripes, not sailor stripes. So what's the biggest mistake when putting on stripes for a curvy girl? What's a style faux pas, if you will? I think the main thing is to make sure with any print, especially stripes, is to make sure that it fits separately before you put them together. Got you So tailoring is important? Tailoring, making sure that each piece fits well is what's gonna really bring the look together. Hello, our second model, Felicia. How are you, yes, okay, you know what? Whenever I'm playing with patterns I would have never thought to put horizontal and vertical stripes. Well, that's how you break up the body, and you see that the, you see her waist, from the horizontal stripes and how this tank kind of hits the waist. Uh-huh. And the draw string was a vertical stripe, which you always want to elongate the leg. Okay. And that's what the vertical would do on the bottom. This linen pant is firmly [UNKNOWN], which, I really love. This easy, breezy, this open toe wedge is also from Lane Bryant. You can go to Lane Bryant and just get your chic striped life together. Get your whole life together. And the Century 21 tank just makes it the casual chic with the stripe. And I really like that tip about the vertical stripes being on the bottom. So we can all feel like supermodels. Like when I did their Essence Live, like when I did that. Last but not least the tote, it's really cute. And the tote is from Forever 21 as well, which I love that it's still neutral. And it's just a cool, chic, you know, striped bag. Lovely. Thank you so much. And all right, so for our final look, one of my personal favorites, a little texture, velvet, fishnet, ruffles, and pleats are some of the textures that are going to be huge this season. Designers like Tanya Taylor, Chanel, Catalina Herrera, and Hermes displayed pleats in different ways Some were small and intricate, and others were large and exaggerated. So Precious, how do our thicker ladies embrace this trend without it going, I don't know, adding bulk to their silhouette? Well, I think like, not even just for our thicker ladies, but slimmer. You don't want to bulk your body, period. And I think, making sure you're elongating everything and doing Mixing the textures makes it dimensional. And so you don't have a block here and a block there. But just mixing this beautiful dress is what's gonna give you the effect you need without [UNKNOWN] This is our third model Tatiana who just came in with the bold black and white in a lip. This lip is everything. It's everything. Tell us about this look. So, I love the stripes because I love how the pleats, the chiffon, and it opens up as she walk and it gets the really airy springy feel. Mm-hm. This dress is actually from Lane Bryant and This laser cutout shoe is also from [UNKNOWN]. And I like the fact that it's still muted. And you can pop color. And it doesn't always have to be with your bag. It could be with your lip. And this tote is H&M as well, which I love how chic that is with all of the black. And her nails are black. You are just [CROSS-TALK] Somebody coordinated, and you know what I love about this? When you, I think pleats, I think, like, schoolgirl pleats, like something juvenile, but this is very, like, chic, sophisticated, very classic. No, this is giving you movement. This is giving you everything you need, and last but not least, this hat, which I think pulls, Together a dress like this gives you, you know this flowy feel with like this effortless cute [UNKNOWN]. It's very [UNKNOWN]. It's like effortlessly polished. It is, where are you going girl? Are you going on your yacht? Yeah. I'm a find me a yacht, thank you so much [LAUGH]. Thank you, and thank you so much Precious Thank you for having me. for stopping by you can come by any time. I will be in You are now a member of the [UNKNOWN] family. Same time next week? Please same time, bro. [LAUGH] I'll see you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

How to Rock the Latest Curvy Fashion Trends With Model Precious Lee

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