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[SOUND] [MUSIC] So how well versed are you on Christmas? Do you know stuff about Christmas? No. Do you know the holidays? Ish. A little bit. I think so. I'm gonna try to stump you a little bit. She'll probably be smart. You have on glasses, I feel like. [LAUGH] Smart people wear glasses. So who's birthday is on December 25th? Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. All right supposedly it was supposed to be Jesus but actually he wasn't born in December 25th but we gonna let that go. Stay woke. How do you spell Kwanzaa? Oh no. [LAUGH] I don't know this one. This one's hard. K W-A-N-Z-A? [SOUND] K-W A-N >Z U [SOUND] K-W-A-N-Z-A-A? Yeah! No one ever gets that extra A. Yeah, I was gonna not, but I did. [LAUGH] How many Wise Men are there? Three. Three. Three. Three of them. What were their gifts? Probably was like bread, gold, and wine? Gold? I don't know the other two. Frankincense, myrrh, and gold I think? I'm going to say you're right, because frankincense and myrrh is right, they sell that oil on 125 street. In Home Alone, Who stayed home with Kevin? The robbers? [LAUGH] No one. It's Home Alone, right? What is the main ingredient in Egg Nog? Egg nog? [SOUND] Use cinnamon, use nutmeg. [SOUND] Is it egg? It is. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Last one, you're doing so good. Except not really. Now candy canes, they are shaped like are particular walking stick, what is that shape? Old persons walking stick. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm not sure, a regular, a hanger, a hook. A cave, Yes. [MUSIC]
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