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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Mezei Jefferson, a Director of Education for Softsheen-Carson. All the time ladies ask me how to keep their hair looking good in the summertime and when they work out. Well, Lisa here, she's in transition. She's going natural, and obviously she's a runner. So we're gonna give you some tips on how to keep your hair soft and shiny. [MUSIC] When you're working out, and during the hot summer time. First off, start, when you shampoo, have a good conditioning shampoo that will help keep the moisture in your hair, and then I'm gonna tell you a secret to lock the moisture in your hair, so your hair can be soft and fluffy like Lisa's. One thing that you're gonna need is some oil. It can be any type of oil that you like to use on your hair, but if your hair is fine like Lisa's, you want to make sure it's something lightweight. And then you want to have your favorite conditioner. After you shampoo your hair, you're gonna towel dry it slightly to get some of the water out but leave it a little damp. Because for the next step, you're gonna take your oil. Apply it in your hands. Work it through your hands real good. And then you're gonna start at the ends and work the oil up towards the scalp area. Let that sit for three to five minutes, and then come back in with your conditioner. Apply your conditioner to your hands, and now you're gonna work the conditioner all through the hair and that is really going to seal the oil in the hair, and seal in the moisture. Once you've waited three to five minutes, rinse the hair, and now you're ready to style. You can roller set, wrap, or blow dry. If you're gonna blow dry like we did on Lisa, make sure you're using. A heat protectant in your styling product on the hair. And that's going to lock in the shine and lock in the moisture. Also, at night what she can do to keep this style without having to readd heat, is just take the hair and do some pin curls. And this will keep the style to the hair, and it will keep the moisture in her hair. And edges, I know women are always worried about their edges and that was the first thing Lisa was worried about when she's going natural. Just take a little bit of your favorite edge tamer and apply that on your edges just lightly before you go to sleep at night. And then in the morning when you brush it out and you style, you can just apply a little bit more for a touch-up. And you have a great style that's gonna last. And your moisture's gonna be locked into your hair. [MUSIC]
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