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[SOUND] Hi, there, my name's Patrick Sterling. I'm the bar manager here at Bar Revolution inside Restaurant Revolution in the Royal Sonesta hotel. I'm here to show you how to make a classic New Orleans sazerac. So your first step today, we're going to chill down the glass we're going to put that in. [SOUND] We're going to give a little bit of an absinthe rinse. Now one of the bigger mistakes that I've seen in the past when going places and having a sazerac cocktail is they start putting absinthe in the cocktail, it's not meant to be in the cocktail, it's just meant for a rinse. We'll give this a little bit of a stir, get that chilling properly, get that absinthe all around the outside of the glass. Then it's just a very simple cocktail. It's pretty much two ingredients. We're going to take our sasarack rye and take two ounces of that. Take just an eighth of an ounce of simple syrup. Couple dashes of our [INAUDIBLE] bitters. Now I just moved here from Chicago so I've been finding they use a lot more [INAUDIBLE] bitters down here than I did up north. So I'm going to be of the New Orleans style and give you a good five shots Add a little ice. Take out a ridiculously long bar spoon, give that a stir around. [MUSIC] Now, while we're stirring that, might wanna give this another little roll. Get rid of that. [MUSIC] Last but not least, a lemon twist. Now, this cocktail is stirred over ice, but served in a chilled glass with no ice. Just press that over the top, get those oils out there, give it a nice little twist and make it look pretty. And there you are, the classic New Orleans Sazerac [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO].

How to Make a New Orleans Sazerac Cocktail

Bar R'evolution's Patrick Sterling explains how to make a classic New Orleans Sazerac cocktail.