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[MUSIC]. Hello, everyone. I'm The Glam Father, and today I'm going to show you how to give yourself an easy ombre. So our first step one is to part your hair from the top of the temple on your left side all the way around to the next side. [MUSIC] And clip it. Step two, is we're gonna part another section, right underneath the temple, right at the corner of the eye. And go all the way across. Do the same thing on the other side. Now we're going to do, is we're going to create another pony tail section here. What we're doing is creating a base for the clip ins to go into. Without having to braid the hair or to have to tease the hair. Now if they're sticking out, you wanna hold the base of it and pull it down to make sure they hang a little bit lower, as to not kick out when the hair gets added on to it. Step three, you'll make another small section from just behind the mid part of the ear. [MUSIC] There. Do a twist, and band it. So now we're gonna take, this entire back section here. And pull this into in one pony tail. Now we have step four of our application. Now the most important thing here is to angel the clip. Because you want for her to be able to walk, have the wind blow, and expose that beautiful hombre finish we just gave to the hair. So we're going to angel it here. Clip it right in. [MUSIC] Then all you do is simply brush down your look, as your last step. And here you have it, a simple, beautiful, easy ombre.

How To Get The Ombre Look Without Coloring Your Hair

You don't need to permanently change your strands to get ombre hair. Celebrity hairstylist the Glam Father shows us how to properly add clip ins to get the look!