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[MUSIC] So, full eyelashes are huge right now. My favorite line, Red Cherry and the way I started these lashes is this is the base. So, this is very natural looking although it doesn't really look like it. The base that I started with, and then next. I use these a little bit more filled in but longer and lush lash. And I cut them up so they're not like a full strip. So I use this as a strip first. Cut them up to what it looks like this. I've already put a couple on her already but this is what I will be using to sort of fill in what the gaps are there. So, basically it's gonna fill in and look like that to make a little more full and not so gappy. I use this duo, dark tone, waterproof glue because this is the best and it dries like a black eyeliner. So, you don't really have to fill in any white and it, you know, it's, it's an amazing finish to it. So, what I do is, actually this is just a little too long. So, what I'm gonna do and you can just play with it. You want me to cut them. And I like to use tweezers because it makes it easier to handle because it's so small. Dip it in the blue. And make sure you get the entire strip. So, the last part I have to do for her lashes is put it on where I need to fill it the most, which is gonna be right here. Close your eyes. [MUSIC] And literally, just place it on top of the full set that you just put on. And it will fill in any gaps and it will make it look very natural. So, essentially you have two sets of lashes on. Like the full one that you first put on, the full set. And then the second one that will fill in anything, any gaps that there might be. And the glue, just let it dry for a little bit, and once it dries. [MUSIC] And once it gets a little tacky, you can add a black liner just to cover it up so you don't see any of the strips. And there you go. And lashes are a very easy quick fix for making any look very very glamorous. Opens up your eyes. It's an amazing tool. And there you go.

How to Create Full Eyelashes

Learn how to create a fuller eyelash for a summer glam look.