Sponsored: Hair & Beauty Blogger Heygorjess' Go To Protective Hairstyle For Summer

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 24, 2017

Protect your hair this summer with this easy flat-twist trend. Beauty Influencer Heygorjess shows us how it’s done, using some of her favorite Walmart products.

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Hey guys, it's HeyGorJess here. The summer is perfect for protective styling, so I'm going to show you a two strand flat twist. [MUSIC] So, I'm going to start by first taking down my hair [MUSIC] I already recently detangled it. [MUSIC] And then I'm gonna put the rest of my hair into the pony tail, just so it's not in the way. So I just take a little bit and put it on my hair. [MUSIC] Just take a little bit on my fingers And apply it on this entire section. [MUSIC] And now I'm going to start twisting by taking a section and breaking it into two pieces. And then twist as you normally would a regular twist but you grab hair as you go. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Now I'm going to repeat the same process for the rest of my hair. [MUSIC] And then I apply Shea Moisture's Track Tension and Itch Relief Serum. [MUSIC] And then that's it. It's a great protective style to protect your hair for the summer. This summer. [MUSIC]