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[MUSIC] It would just be concealer, a little bit of blush. And the lip balm or clear lip gloss and mascara. I'm addicted to contouring, so I'm gonna have to throw a little bit of contouring there. Just a little though because you can only do so much contouring before you're not fresh-faced anymore. A fresh beauty look would probably be for me to just change whatever's I'm doing. So right now my hair's really curly so fresh would be to have it bone straight. Balmy skin, balmy lips. We're coming into the summer months now so I'm already scouting out coraly, orange lip colors. I love a good coral lip in the spring. I think it really signifies new beginnings and freshness. [MUSIC] Well I try to always stay fresh whether at home or on the go. Ooh, that sounds like, how do I refresh on the go? I feel like that could be a little bit TMI. I'm a total deodorant girl, so even around the office, I'll just spray on my deodorant. I love to use a facial mist. Moisture is a good thing, so I will just sort of Spritz my face. I'll take a tissue and I pat, like to sort of re-pat my makeup back into my face. It just makes me feel cooler. Get that little flow going. And then I'll through on a highlighter and maybe a [UNKNOWN] lip. Like a [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I like to just, after work, go home, lie on the couch, and read a book. A glass of red wine. Go consignment shopping. Pajamas. Just relaxing with friends and families. Netflix. [MUSIC] Andrea. She is just always positive for the most part. She is super bubbly. I think she has a way of just finding the good in everything and I really appreciate that. Pam is like a breath of fresh air. When she comes in and she's in a really good mood she's totally like, Hello, darling! Virginia? that just came out of my mouth. I"m going to say Virginia. Like you know, kinda can change the whole tone of the room. She's always got a huge smile on her face. She's always laughing. She's always optimistic. She loves whats new. I'm going to go with Virginia. [MUSIC]

Here's How ESSENCE Beauty Editors Make A Fresh Start

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